Insuring Against Climate Change

The problem with understanding climate change is that there is so much information to sift through and so many forecasts. You can find directly opposite forecasts from different bodies which have scientific qualifications. The latest Met Office forecast is warming by 0.43⁰C between now and 2017, which brings us back to roughly where we were in 1997.

If that forecast is right (and it may not be) we have had twenty years without annual earth temperature increases. Twenty years is a short period of time when it comes to climatology, and predicting future climate change and the rate of them is a matter if incredible scientific complexity. It is possibly the most complex calculation that you can make; it requires huge amounts of data and the correct weighting of one set of data (such as earth temperatures at present) against all the other sets of data (such as the radiative strength of the sun and the changes of air and ocean oscillations and the atmospheric particulate levels).

This complexity enables many people to obtain quite radically different projections and to pick and mix to find some support for whatever view they hold about climate change.

That being so you may ask what is the value of these projections? I think that the value lies in understanding risk. If there is a risk that the climate will warm over the next century we must act to mitigate that risk, just as any person tries to mitigate risk when they insure their house and just as businesses try to mitigate risk when they cover themselves against market changes.

It is relatively easy to mitigate against the risk of the climate getting cooler compared with the mitigation that needs to be undertaken if the climate warms. Much of our infrastructure and many of our buildings were built in most of the developed world at a time when the climate was a little cooler, so I believe that many of the steps that need to be taken if there is a two degree cooling have already been taken.

However, none of the infrastructure in the developed world was built when the world was warmer, and none of it was built to take into account the increasing frequency of weather events that climate change implies.

I think it boils down to this; you may think that the likelihood of your house being destroyed by fire is so remote, but should that stop you from insuring against fire and buying a fire blanket and an extinguisher?

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  1. “You can find directly opposite forecasts from different bodies which have scientific qualifications. The latest Met Office forecast is warming by 0.43⁰C between now and 2017, which brings us back to roughly where we were in 1997.”

    Sorry, I cannot find any opposite forecasts so what it means is that the last 15 years has resulted in zero global warming, nothing, not a jot, nada, zero punto zero.

    On the other hand what has the UK wasted on trying to prevent nothing, millions, upon millions.

    The old go cold because of the taxes on energy.

    This is AGW is madness, nothing more than mumbo jumbo. It is exactly the same method used by the various Christian Churches to gain power and wealth. Invent something which only priests and shamen can see or understand. Frighten people into believing in the danger then exploit that fear.


    • Renowned mathmetician and seasoned climate buffer, Christopher Monkton has already worked it out, that if you take money out of the equasion, there would be no problem, never has been.

      First it was termed Global Warming, now there has been none, the MSM has changed it to Climate Change, there you have it in one word, Changed.

      Its all a ploy to capture the carbon footprint, that Unesco, Huxley, Green and a United Nations, bent as nine bob notes, using all life giving energy, humans included, as a means towards their end.

      There are now several reports of activists being killed at the rate of one a day, who have exposed in detail of whst is actually hapenning, the raw nerves have been touched, the game is exposed, follow the wage masters and one will find the answers.

      Last night here up north was a couple below zero, tonight will be a minus 5 next week its a predicted minus 15, there’s a change for you, definately not a warm one by the time of year.

      Looking west up into the north west flight routes here in the Uk from our drawing room, the con trails are very short, but the mankind ones so long one becomes lost, this is how they can keep on fund the big lies and them going for so long now, stripping away all the truth through the house and common scence totally apart.

      Once the lie is big enough that those fooled by it have little left to give, the truth will slap the whole in the face.

      Must go turn on the heating, its already below zero here.


  2. What I see happening here is a new religious movement using all forms of energy and wasteges, humans included, to create a new global reserve currency, itself backed up, in the form of carbon taxes, thought up eon’s ago when the CAT, the exhaust monster, was unleashed into the globally and regulated paradigm of everything that breaths and converts cold air into hot air.

    However, there is a double edged sword to contend with and going on here.

    Those that own both the raw materials/fuels, also own most of the banks that will be basically be trading in their own dirty policies/carbon footprints that the whole uses to function, see the picture yet?? Well you ought to, your already funding both without realising it.

    Does anyone know who owns the major shares/majority via treatese of the coal, oil, gas, wind, water, etc, why the Rothschilds of course, recently purchasing the worlds largest coal mine in South America.

    I don’t expect this post to be allowed for very long on here, but do look to where these entities always neutral put their money, after all, where there’s muck, there’s the money double and new religion to be made.

    While everyone is fighting over and funding the big lie, those funding it are laughing all the way to their own banks, not twice but thrice.

    Wake up, I say to those who never really wanted to listen at Leys Cambridge, just give me your labour on the way in and your/their money on the way out.

    The word is out.

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