I read the news today, o boy

Like many others, I read the news today, o boy, I heard the news today, I did, I saw the news today, I saw it. I even spoke a little news.

Watching the performance of a banker seeking to justify that what cannot be right or a politician trying to obscure the defined line between principle and pragmatism, and watching the news of those who have killed and have been killed, it can be hard to justify the continued existence of humanity in this place. What are we? Parasites in this place?

We spoil, destroy and are careless of what matters most, and perhaps it is fitting that, as surely as our individual ends must come, so perhaps must come the end of our species and that end might be well deserved.

We can glimpse what might well be: every generation has a short vision of hope and beauty, but we lose focus of it and it clouds into the humdrum need to design our existence and count our lives in coffee spoons.

Our vision is both our blessing and our curse. Our poor understanding is our penalty and our reward,.

Hence, viper thoughts that curl around my mind. The clashing of ignorant armies and the boasting and obfuscation of those economic wars are not all we are. We are more. We have a capacity that goes beyond our ability to break beauty and twist truth into unrecognisable features. We have love.

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  1. Nice words Robert, right out of my own book, however there is, another world all around us but people are being kept busy and distracted by old news and new nonscence, non actually worth the effort put aside.

    There is a perpetual yet unseen force in charge today that never sleeps, when one part of it takes to slumber another one wakens in the light of day, continuosly, it simply will not give up, then we got lazy, and for evil to prevail all good people need do, is nothing.

    Mankinds greatest folley is to allow those in which we place our trust and true power in today, only to use this energy which they continually feed off of, and destroy our whole in our name, yet they remain defiant, destructive with the help of the whole.

    I think we all know deep down what can be done through the doing of good deeds, but are far too afraid of death to speak out, more’s the fool us for not doing so.

    Until enough do this, the slaughter in our name will continue unabated, once as the new religion in the clouds is closed to new customers the real going without will begin in earnest.

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