The Climate, Stored Ice on Land, Sea Levels and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

It can be hard to know which is the most important factor in determining the world’s climate; clearly ocean and air oscillations are important, the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is important, as is the amount of variable radiation received from the sun. However, which is the primal factor which drives all others, or is there no single important factor. The climate could simple be a chicken and egg situation, and it matters not which came first.

It is possible that we are closer to understanding that there is a single driving factor which changes the climate of our planet and that factor is the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Looking at the relationship between sea levels and the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide gives us a clue. It seems that global sea level is largely determined by the volume of ice stored on land. The more ice, the lower the sea levels and the lower the atmospheric carbon dioxide the more ice is stored on land.  This seems to imply that high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide lead to lower levels of ice stored on land, over long periods of time.

This what Gavin L. Foster and Eelco J. Rohling have found, by looking at the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and sea levels on geological time scales.

The research is not conclusive, but is a strong indication that atmospheric carbon dioxide plays a major role in determining the earth’s climate, because if the conclusions drawn from the research are correct, then it seems that the egg of carbon dioxide comes first and gives birth to the chicken of ocean and air oscillations which also affect climate conditions.

Messrs Foster and Rohling have described the probability of their research being right as 68%. They have inferred that at present levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide the long term effect on sea levels by melting ice (long term being over several centuries) is quite drastic. Sea levels will rise by nine metres. To avoid this, they deduce, we have to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide to pre-industrial levels of about 250 parts per million, instead of the present 393 parts per million. (I have used the November 2012 readings from Mona Loa – other parts of the world have higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels).

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    • Cracking report Chris.

      This will surely have the captains of industry quacking in their boots, once the free energy becomes global, the strangle hold of mankind is basically finished once this is turned on.

      I have said it all along, that smaller more numerous power devices is the way forward.

      It’s safety device is exactly the same as a steam engine, where the safety plug in a boiler, in steam, a lead plug melts away and lets the steam put out the fire from within.

      This thorium model also fully exposes the global orderers current agenda for exactly what they are and how it has made many millions have suffered at their hands, their time now is short once this tech hits the ground running.

      China is in a unique position, where it can soak up any shinanigans of the west by its reliant manpower and zero percent self monetizing paradigm.

      Watch to see the old world order trying to kick the hornets nest, hopefully they will ignore this and free mankind from the current mess the west has created by bullets bombs and bankers, killing all the Peters to pay Mr. Paul.

  2. During the last ice age, the ice of the day captured and locked away the true atmosphere of those days, does anyone know how much Co2 was estimated in the ice core data, best you take a look.

    Pay paticular attention to the links in the replies there after.

  3. And if the CO2 lagged behind the warming then just what caused the warming in the first place, greater vedgetation growing in a warmer climate maybe, then rotting down aftewards?

    Also if the CO2 lagged behind the warming period then why bother to show the stats at all as ‘proof’ that CO2 causes warming during that period??

    The answer is of course none of the scientists involved said this at all, the media did and Al Gore did.

    Consequently millions of other idiots still do as well.

    CO2 is definitely one of many greenhouse gases, this is an established fact, what is NOT established fact is, that CO2 had nothing to do with any of that previous warming.

    Even a fifth grade graduate could do the maths for this one, lol.

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