Does it have a happy ending?

am speculating on the future of humanity. It is a gross speculation made at a time of my life when I have more important things which should occupy me personally, but I cannot help worrying about something which I cannot change. A wise man said to me in his middle age that he did not worry about things he cannot change. As he became older he changed his mind and did worry about things he could not change.

The progress of humanity is a story that is only part written. We do not know whether the story so far comprises one chapter out of a thousand or a thousand chapters out of a thousand and one chapters. That book needs effort to read and we invest ourselves in what we read, identifying and sympathising; this book needs a greater investment: it involves all of our time and our own lives; it is a question of empathy, not sympathy, as we and those we love live the plot.

We do not know the answer to the question every reader wants to know when picking up a book. Does it have a happy ending?

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  1. We witness a passing phase of eternity. Important things happen but some people never notice. Accidents intervene. You are not present at episodes.

    You depend on reports. And people shutter their minds. What good are reports? History in a news account preselected at an editorial conference, digested and excreted by prejudice.
    Accounts you need seldom come from those who make history. Diaries, memoirs and autobiographies are subjective forms of special pleading. Archives are crammed with such suspect stuff.
    Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty. Ultimately all things are known because you want to believe you know.
    Intelligence takes chances with limited data, in an arena where mistakes are not only possible but also necessary.

    When you think to take determination of your fate into your own hands, that is the moment you can be crushed. Be cautious, allow for surprises, when we create, there are always other forces at work.

    There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves, don’t think, just be.

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