Quiet Days in London

It is quiet in London today. There is not much traffic and not much activity, as people seem to extend the New Year’s Day holiday into a week’s worth. We have had many holidays this year in the United Kingdom. London is quiet.

The winter sun rose as I went into work this morning. Just after eight o’clock and will set at just after four o’clock, as the days length in the earth’s cycle around the sun. In two days’ time we shall have eight hours of day light and by the 18th March we shall have more daylight in twenty four hours than darkness. I like to see the days get longer and light spread upon the land, enabling new growth. The only thing that stops me from wishing it to be summer now is that if I made that wish and it came true I would be wishing my life away.

So I must enjoy the dark winter days, as they are as much of my life as the long summer days. There are scantily formless clouds framed in my window, and pigeons flutter from roof tops to roads to scavenge some of the dross that humans leave wherever they live.  I saw a crow picking at the carcass of a dead squirrel, killed on a road, and the crow danced between the cars, intent on feeding from the entrails, trying to avoid the fate of the squirrel.

The crow picked from what no human wanted, feeding upon the dead, while we humans feed upon the living. And some of us kill those that we feed upon, eating too much for our own satisfaction and careless of the effect of our activity.

Quiet days but the world still turns and circles the sun, which pours its light on us, whether we are quiet or loud and will do so whether we are alive or dead.

2 Responses

  1. On the same vibrational level, up north we woke to the cuckle of jackdaws down out chimney, who are scensing the changes in the seasons, they would be jamming sticks down the hole in a few weeks time if we don’t put a new cowel aloft.
    The weather is calm right now and all of nature is alive, like us wanting they await the warmth to reurn, we can get our seedlings into their trays for this years bounty, free from other mens touch in about eight weeks time, and there I go wishing the winter and wonderful spring flowers we have here, away.

    We very much enjoy these thoughts of minds eye, than all the other departmentalised distractions of man, sent to test our resolve, but they must steer the minds of wo/men away from what could be, yet many can and do things differently.

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