Happy Christmas

A Christmas Verse

Rainy old town; it has flung some of its people away

While the rest of us lie huddled in our shelters

Feeding, yes feasting, on the love we give

While others feed on the love we take.


The sounds of Christmas fill our heads and our spirits

Within and without our glasses

Rise to the sounds of Christmas.


Forget the wet town and the hidden sun;

All will be well

All may not be well

As we hold onto ourselves in sweet remembrance

Our treasured possessions

The treasured possessions of one generation become the junk of the succeeding generation. Continue reading

nemo dat quod non habet

Nemo dat quod nom habet is one of those useful pithy Latin sayings which lawyers, businessmen and politicians should have engraved on their hearts. It means that you cannot give what you have not got. That may sound like a statement of the bleeding obvious, as we used to say in Poplar, but as obvious as it may sound it is surprising how many times people banks and politicians try to give what they have not got. Continue reading

The machine stops

Some of us might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but in the West of Britain they might well experience a very wet Christmas. Floods are happening as a write in Cornwall, on the shortest day of the year and for some these floods are following the clear up after floods that happened a few weeks ago. Continue reading

The great unanswered question of the banking crisis

The problems that banks are causing to economies around the world are continuing and we shall hear more of them as time goes by. The latest news is that regulatory authorities have fined UBS one billion US dollars for manipulating LIBOR rates. Other banks have already been fined and more banks will be fined in future. Using a fine as a means of punishing a corporation for what is clearly criminal behaviour is a soft option. However the regulatory authorities and prosecutors have little choice. Continue reading

A Walk through London in December

I set off from my office in Queen Anne Street yesterday evening and walked down to Oxford Street, cut through Hanover Square and walked down Regent Street. The streets were full of people but the shops, well lit and bright, were almost empty. The people I passed seemed happy; they had the look of being happy this Christmas time. There were people of all kinds, shapes, colours and languages. This is my city today, full of people from many places and today they seemed to all be happy to be here. Continue reading