the creativity and destruction of nature makes all our greatest creations and destructions no more than the vain boast of a foolish mind

With less than three days to go 2012 has proved to be the wettest year in the United Kingdom since records began one hundred and two years ago. It has rained and it has rained and it has rained.

When I talk about London’s weather with people who live abroad, they always associate London with rain. When I point out that Athens has on average more rainfall than London they are surprised. Usually in London we get occasional rain and showers of light rain. This year has been different.

Britain has a temperate climate, which means that it lacks extremes, usually, but its position where great air and sea oscillations meet and sometimes, like ignorant armies clash, means that we can experience extremes of weather, but usually they are never too cold, never too hot and never too wet.

This year has been wet, not particularly cod and certainly not particularly hot, although in the South of England we did experience a small drought for a short while which prevent folk from using hosepipes to water their gardens. That ended rapidly and thoughts of a hosepipe ban are now out of everyone’s mind.

Yesterday the Thames Barrier, which is a flood prevention device located in the mouth of the Thames, was brought into operation as threats of high tides, a high river caused by rain runoff and too much water meant that without the Barrier parts of London would have been flooded.

The rain has stopped trains, flooded houses, made roads impassable and generally made many people miserable over the Christmas holidays.
I suppose that we humans get too confident, too cocky. We think that because we can work technological wonders and can enjoy lives of what our great grandparents would have thought of as extreme luxury, we are immune from danger caused by simple things, like rain. We should remember that humanity creates and destroys but the creativity and destruction of nature makes all our greatest creations and destructions no more than the vain boast of a foolish mind.

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  1. In my half century or so on this mortal and vibrational plane I have met a lot of people from every corner of this planet, many being much my senior.

    A quick look through the minds eye and memory tells me, its all happened before Rob.

    For instance

    Then the Uk like many other compact island system, with a large PHP area has very much altered its immediate enviornmental footprint, IE drained and deforsted every available piece of land for grazing, but failed to protect in time or alter the infastructure downstream, and we see the 100 year scenarios take shape.

    How does the old saying go, for every action, there is an equal reaction, or sonething along those lines.

    Today the grykes or ditches on thefells are being left to silt up again, some filled in, its much cheaper than building flood defences downstream, in a decade or so we will both see and feel the results of doing nothing.

  2. As we see from official records the 1947 floods were preceded by large falls of snow, but from my 85 year old neighbour, the floods took much longer to materialise due to the antiquated methods of farming.

    Floods have been worse in previous years, but never reported on nor seen as vividly or as widely since the advent of television.

    The real truth will out one day.

  3. I have been pondering over summer rainfall in the Uk, and looking at MET charts from 81-2010.
    I noticed a common theme, in that the highest rainfall is in and around populated areas or down wind of them.
    Then there are records of cloud seeding from the Bejing Olympics, where seeding was being used by the military to seed the approaching weather to drain rain clouds before they reached the games.

    Where the greater populations reside there are heavy industries producing pollution in the form of particulates, often used in the eeeding methods, which create an enviornment tor the moisture in the air to adhere to, this eventually saturates, becones heavier than air, then the swollen nuclei drops earthwards.

    The global particulates released annually is many times the sum of the invisible gasses, that lift this visible pollution skywards, it is my theory that it is this particulate soup that is creating the hot pockets of severe flooding we are witnessing.

    When we witness summer storms today, we have bright and dark skies prior to the showers that follow.

    It is my view that it is the particulates that is causing the damage not the Co2 like the establishment is pushing.

    Satellite images show these visible high flying broths circumnavigating continents and the globe as ticking time bombs to wherever they meet large pockets moisture/watrr vapour.

    It is thought that European pollution during the last century was partly responsible tir cresting droughts in Africa, by transporting the seasonal weather patterns and seeded routes away rrom their usual drop zones.

    An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed during a Volcano Erruption, where quick seeding of the clouds above is instigated as the ash/pollution is lifted into the immediate area above, and sudden downpours and flood follow shortly after.

    Other traights tell the story that highly populated areas creat the lifting model, glider and microlight pilots make beelines for them to gain uplift to gain hight, in that warm air is many particulates.

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