Our treasured possessions

The treasured possessions of one generation become the junk of the succeeding generation. In the fullness of time as generation succeeds generation we find that the junk has become a treasure of yet another generation, but not as a personal treasure but as treasure to be bought and sold. A dress of antique nature is not worn but traded and displayed. Weapons which once kept kings safe are mere baubles that fill museums to excite our curiosity as to how men in those times fought.

This time of the year some will be buying gifts which will be treasured, but as the donors and donees turn to lust and ashes, so some of those treasures will remain to excite the curiosity of unknown unborn people from many places who will in turn lavish their love on new possessions that they will treasure.

Whatever we own, we merely own for the moment. Wherever we live, we live in that place for the moment. The things that survive us do so with a different purpose, unless they are things that we have made.

3 Responses

  1. You forget to add that the value of many items lays in its story and associations with both the giver and the receiver.

  2. The things that I treasure most were handed down to me by several skilled generations, these of gourse are my most cherished tools, tools that were lovingly created by highly skilled craftsmen over a hundred years ago, to function perfectly for hundreds more years if need be.

    Those old craftsmen handed down their ultimate secrets, of how things were to be, this is the second most cherished of things, the know how, the knowledge, of how to use those tools, for in my own shoes we stand and a plethora of other related skills to do the jobs that saves others from working for nothing, in the name of progress.

    Over the years, since ones hand to eye coordination was first brought into motion, I have saved many tens of thousands of pounds doing what was always done by my forefathers, no profits made but labours saved for the future.

    Here in, is the greatest weapon a wo/men can have, a mind or minds able to make use of everything that came before and will once again return. I could well be the last puritan where skills are plenty, but as long as I live and breath I will cherish each and every skill the generation below gains from me.

    We must not be here today and then gone tomorrow, we must live onwards in the things that we make, so as not to transmute into nothingness, but to be, to feel the connection with the earth we live within.

    In my eyes only someone who uses both hand and eyes, with a problem solving mental picture of how things can be, can truly understand how to be human, to follow, to guide the next generation.

    Just saying.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blogs over the last year.
    You appear to be a learned man, not only in your profession, but in life in general.
    May that dreaded sickness of all writers, writers block, avoid you. So I can continue to read on next year.

    A Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year to you and your Family.
    Keep Spinning Rob

    Steve and my Son Jake.

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