A Walk through London in December

I set off from my office in Queen Anne Street yesterday evening and walked down to Oxford Street, cut through Hanover Square and walked down Regent Street. The streets were full of people but the shops, well lit and bright, were almost empty. The people I passed seemed happy; they had the look of being happy this Christmas time. There were people of all kinds, shapes, colours and languages. This is my city today, full of people from many places and today they seemed to all be happy to be here. I crossed Piccadilly Circus, and walked down the Haymarket, were there were fewer folk. I cross Trafalgar Square into Whitehall, walking past an upright guard in uniform and sword, until I got to the Palace of Westminster, where after security checks by friendly policeman, I walked through the hall where the bodies of dead leaders and monarchs have laid in state into the Pavilion terrace where I listened to the Energy Minister, Greg Barker speak.

Like all politicians he spoke for long but did not say much. He promised that the Green Deal would start on 28th January and that the Renewable Heat incentive would be operation in the summer but he could not say when.

He was talking to people who ran or worked in businesses that produced energy on a small scale. These businesses have been decimated in the past few years by government policy. Those that were left thought and talked of the absentees, those good companies torn apart by the maelstrom of recession and incompetent leadership while the oligopolies that form the fossil fuel based and nuclear based energy companies have prospered on the fat of the lack of choice of their customers and the subsidies that the government has created or left in place.

At the end of the event I retraced my steps. London was quieter now and there were fewer people in the street and those that were around were not shopping, but looking and enjoying the London Christmas lights on a warm December evening

3 Responses

  1. Here Perhaps was Mr. Barker, spouting true hot air and some.
    I cannot help thinking that your walk through familiar neighbourhoods was an enjoyable one, but on reaching your destination, an expected waste of time.

    I will ask aind out what Mr. Farage thinks of this policy and get back to you.

    In the meantime we as a purpously starved nation, must vote out these ministers who mearly administer to their higher god likely selfishness, until we do, nothing is going to change as for any paticular alternative.

    I personally feel that all responsible govrrnments give the choice to every home and new build, the choice of a solar water heating system, manufactured here in the Uk, on an earn as it shines policy, where a percentage of those savings, goes towards all publically run institutions.

    To break free from legislation we need to change the decision of those making the rulings, and come together and fund things ourselves.

    Leaving it to the prostitutes in suits will result in the death of all alternatives, as they simply back the loosing side of any thinkers outside the institutionalised box.

    Where else could one get a 100 % return using only 30 % input en-suit.

    80% of all fossile fuels is wasted in heat that cannot be gollegted, while almost the same in duties is paid for using that very ellement.

    This is a double whammy for gaining heat to save meat eaten, its crazy like those currently backing the wrong horses on request of keeping their jobs.

    • I enjoyed the walk and you expect hot air from politicians.
      I would love to build a solar thermal factory here in the UK. I have the rights and the knowhow and we could build great products sustainably and well. The trouble is that there is no market here in the UK for these products that would justify building a plant.

  2. The way I would do it is, get the components made in a reliable setting, so the profits are gained Starbucks style, and assemble them here, this would enable the products to be sold at a much lower price than at present.

    A product and market would sell itself when the greedy fuel traders ceiling, which nearly everyone knows about today.

    Pannels could be made renewable from standard components and resold at a cheaper price, I think like an engineer Rob, not a profit model, so I know there are many different wsys of making things work.

    Their is a book which was printed in the mid fifties called, The 1956 Gadgets Annual, here is the setting for an imaginative mind and a pair of busy hands, to help one problem solve, we need more problem solvers Rob, not those who think we owe them a living, to prevent individualism and a rebirth of our minds.

    We both know that the PV and wind is never going to work in the long run, the costs are out of balance of returns and the rare materials finite and being wasted in such a way that other inventions could be made to work better.

    What is needed is, the owners of the failed turbine models to come forward and yell it how it is. I know at least two such owners that have stopped theirs in disgust, and the suppliers history before they even paid for their instilation.

    The reasons for a lack of interst with solar water heating is, people have been conditioned to think short rathrer than long term, in 30 years time, those ganing a small return using the SWH route will be in the black, and those who failed to invest in theirs and their childrens future will truly be paying through their noses for not supporting their whole.

    I believe that UKIP could get the real alternatives rolling once Farage divorces the minds and creative ellements from the European stranglehold taking place at the sum of 53 million per day, just imagine what that sort of investment could do for the inventive minds still able to think.

    I talk too much, every little helps though.

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