Time to Kick Start the Renewable Heat Incentive?

I do not have much time to write a considered essay today, Luckily I have a lot of work to do and tonight will listen to what Mr Greg Barker, the Minister responsible for the Renewable Heat incentive, has to say about it. There will be many people concerned in microgeneration that will listen with interest to what he says. 
So far governments have sought to solve problems of climate change greenhouse gas emissions, energy security  and energy policy by big projects. They will cover many of  these green and pleasant hills with wind turbines, or approve wood burning power stations but have put on the literal back burner microgeneration.

But small is not only beautiful bit it works and of all the small forms of energy that work the form that needs the least electricity  makes fewest emissions, pollutes least and is secure is the tried and tested solar water heating, like Genersys my company provides. It is also the least visually intrusive form of any energy generation. I hope that Mr Barker will recognise this and adapt his department’s policies accordingly.

One Response

  1. Mr Barker or another will eventually sort things out once the Electric Light Orchestral and robbing hoods have been thouroughly by real science and truth, not, hook and by carbon credit crooks, CCC, are de-bunked, and their non scientific procrastinators are exposed for who they are not.

    Here we have several alternatives for saving energy and avioding their taxes.

    1. An up to date, 90% efficient Worcester vented gas boiler system, with a high pressure hot water supply and hot water solar pannels and a dual heating boiler as a back up.
    2. We use propane gas for cooking only, at 5% tax, which gives us 12 months of cooking for only £108.00.
    3. A log burning stove, where we burn carbon neutral and other fallen free timber throught the winter months, no fee for fuels other than our own time and labour collecting it.
    4. Home made quickly removable seondary glazing.
    5. Heavy external curtains on all extreior doors.
    6. We boil all beverage waters on top of the wood stove during the winter, no need for an electric kettle.
    7. Soon there will be years of the queen of woods here in the form of ash logs, we will clear be clearing it and getting paid for doing it, our petrol, oil and saws for free therms many times over using this triple burn policy cutting it down, chopping it up and burning it, heats us three times.

    The wood ash and charcoal from the wood stove goes onto the garden as a tried and tested Elderado, for the making of the most wonderful vedge for the table.

    No subsidies here only our own labour and credits in kind by parting not with our labour where it is not needed, it is standard gains for yourself in what a few hours a week can create.

    Honesty and hard work lifts ones vibrational levels, where ones own heat is a half meat model and design that truly pays valuable dividends in the fulness of time.

    We also walk in shoes and cloths made in English wo/man’s eyes.

    What we are saying is, skill up folks, your gonna need to, to survive, self subsidise and save yourself a fortune in the long term, think short, come up short.

    Prepare now for what aproaches, fail if you do not, simples.

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