The much maligned Mr Scrooge

Dickens wrote well. His characters have traits which we recognised in people today and none more so than the traits of Mr Scrooge which are so well known that we call people “a scrooge” when we think that they are mean and miserly. Whern we do this we are unjust to the fictional Mr Scrooge and to Charles Dickens. 

Scrooge was more of a person without generousness and without charity and love for his fellow man than he was a miser. He was obsessed with his business, like many today, and he was mean to such family he had and a very mean employer. But, like others, he reformed, so that by the end of the Christmas Carol we are told that Scrooge changed his ways and that no man kept Christmas better than Scrooge.

So perhaps we should use the noun “scrooge” in a different way – to describe someone whose heart is filled with charity in the traditional sense of the word, the biblical sense, which is akin to love. It would be no bad thing is people behaved like the reformed Mr Scrooge this Christmas time.

3 Responses

  1. The opposite of scrooge is scrounge, to lift people out of poverty is to share more of ones surplus with those who want to help themselves at any time of year.
    Cornering the market on the backs of others is unjust in many ways, and hording the ellements from within nature is also unjust past a level where enough meat is wasted heat.

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  3. […] The much maligned Mr Scrooge ( […]

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