The Climate Change Conference in Doha will Achieve Nothing

The nations of the world have not displayed much common sense when it comes to tackling climate change. They have regularly met, signed documents, congratulated themselves and then gone about their business as usual. There are targets which are confused, some measures which are ill planned and badly implemented, and a great deal of talking, but the atmospheric concentration of emissions, which is something they all aim to reduce, still grow year by year and the consequences are suffered by almost everyone on this planet.

Everyone seems to know what needs to be done for the long term benefit of those who live on earth, but no one will make any sacrifice for the future of our life on earth. The latest event which comprises the nations of the world visiting Doha in Qatar, illustrates this perfectly. 17,000 people will fly into to Doha and spend two weeks talking and talking and talking about climate change. I cannot understand why it is necessary for 17,000 people to do this. Presumably if each nation nominated four or five well qualified people to visit the event, there would be less than a thousand participants. The meetings could be streamed on the internet, thus enabling most of the press who feel it their duty to report on negotiations, to be able to write up the event from their own desks or homes, but the prospect of a nice fortnight in Doha is too much so we will have enough folk attending the climate change conference in Doha to fill a football stadium.

There is a lack of clarity in what the conference will achieve; many hands make light work but too many cooks spoil the broth and UN climate change conferences have been bedevilled by having too many cooks. They do not spoil the broth but create a broth that is without nourishment and substance.

Some environmentalists claim that Qatar, highly financially dependent upon exports of gas and oil, will be a bad host for the climate change conference, and will be concerned to direct the conference in a way that protects those economies, like their own, that depend on fossil fuel exploitation. I think that this claim is flawed. Those with great reserves of fossil fuel can best protect their economies by ensuring that the fossil fuel is not all spent at once; the British North Sea Gas, which was supposed to create a wealthy bonanza for the United Kingdom thirty five years ago, has largely gone and nthe money gained from the exploitation by the government in taxes has largely been wasted on patching up the effects of a declining economy in attempts to protect the poor from economic decline and in an attempt to buy the votes of the impoverished.

If you have a natural asset the logic way to exploit it is to use the proceeds of exploitation for long term investment, not for short term increasing in living standards. The Norwegians chose to spend their North Sea revenues on investment and not on short term measures, and as a result have a strong and sustainable economy.

I would expect that the Qataris would try to direct the conference to the long term view, and not the view through the microscope, but old habits die hard. The Western nations will be keen to ensure that climate change measures do not affect their own economies adversely, whatever the common sense of the position. The developing nations will be keen to ensure that their own climate change measures do not stand in the way of rapid economic growth. The undeveloped nations will try to gain some financial support because of the effects of climate change on them.

In particular the developed nations will wish to continue the present system of climate credits, enabling them to offset their emissions against perceived (and often imaginary) emissions savings of the past. That will, if agreed as is likely, constitute simply a way of continuing to emit greenhouse gases without consequence to anyone, except all those who live on the Earth.

It is hard usually to predict outcomes, but with the 17th Climate Change Conference in Doha prediction is easy: nothing of value will be achieved, but I am sure that the delegates will enjoy the break in the sun.

2 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely right and it just exposes the hypocrisy of many who make a very nice living just from promoting the idea man made climate change.

    As you imply, the single most beneficial thing these well paid and pointless execs could have done was to stay at home.

  2. The meeting in Doha is yet another distraction, they are attending to see how their tax credits and air miles are coming along, all common scense and science has been bought out, open your eyes.

    The same people own all of the energies of the planet and have worked out if they can get the majority to believe the oil is becomming harder to find or obtain, when it is the opposite and abiotic, they will be able to tripple tax your earnings in the process.

    They allow some nations to pollute without any remorse for the whole and tax the rest for it while their percentages are climbing using a new religion called carbon tax and the next global reserve currency to control the paradigm, if there were equal currencies things would be much different, if an electronic varient were ever allowed the suffering would be astronomical.

    We are as green as one could be here and in the lap of self luxury as far as our hands bring about those luxuries, by gaining skills needed to move further away from the drip feed of the cabal through their governers and prostitutes in suits, doing nothing that brings inputs nor benefits for the whole.

    As long as the whole continues to live, fly and reley upon the crows droppings, the eagles that fly high to exotic places is the sun, will sun it up at your cost. We must regain our composure and start fending more for ourselves if we are to avoid their tallons, there is no other way and nobody is safe from what is coming towards us, if they sit still in front of their Tv’s.

    Re-skill yourselves faster than the establishment can take them away from you and you might stand a chance at a better life, the more we do for ourselves the less false credits the theives can take away, upon lie after lie, death after death, by bullshit, bullets, bombs and banks, at your childericks cost cutting, off their lives before their time.

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