Did I come from the World?

Did I come from the world? When I was very young I felt that I was irrelevant to the world needed to be protected from it because it scared me with its noise and speed which I never understood. As I grew older I felt that one day I would hold the world in my hand, expecting it to bow to my commands. For a while I then forgot the world, being too immersed in its devices and entangled in its machinery.  Today I know that one day the world will hold me in one of its many arms. Did I come from the world?

2 Responses

  1. Maybe all attempt at seeing the “Truth without Knowing Falsehood”. To see “Light without knowing Darkness”.

    Diversions are many, greed paramount within the minds of a few and the rest are willfully blind and taught to be from birth by paradigms, not in the houses of the majority.

    The shining ones are said to be from different worlds, the reading is men in hats, watching over those without.

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