Odd Things – Police Statements

It is very odd how the key criticism of Andrew Mitchell who recently resigned as Chief Whip of the UK Government, centres around two things; first that it is claimed that he called police officers “plebs” which he denies and swore at them, which I understand he admits, and secondly he disagrees with the account of the incident that the police themselves noted in their notebooks. Continue reading

Sewage Sewage Everywhere

The United Kingdom led the world in the development of large scale sewerage systems; the Greeks had small sewers, as did the Romans but the British in Victorian Imperial splendour really pioneered the treatment of human waste faeces. However, like many things in which the British once led the world, the British have fallen behind in the latest techniques of treating waste water. Continue reading

Counting Our Lives Away

We can count on our fingers or with the most complex of machines and what we count becomes something other than what it is as we become familiar with it. Our counting infuses us with the bank teller’s indifference to the cash he counts. We focus on the addition and not the object. And thus in our lives in our rush to count money we lose sight of truth. You see, there is plenty of work to do but there are few to pay for it. There are plenty of mouths to feed but there are few to feed them. There are plenty of people to love but few to love them.

Procrastination is the thief of the Environment

We all have many ideas about the environment, and perhaps the most common idea is that this thing that we call the environment should be preserved from degradation. The reality is that we are unsure as to how fast and how much degradation the environment will suffer. We move our minds in as much motion as they can muster to think of acts and measures to protect our children and theirs too, but some shadow intervenes which tells us that we have this earth this kingdom and life is very long so we may put off what we can do today until tomorrow comes when we will no longer be able to do it.

How to Control Fuel Prices Without Increasing Pollution and Global Warming

In the United Kingdom the government has decided that the energy companies (there are six that control 99% of the market) have been giving such poor value for money that they should be forced to write to all their customers offering to put the customers on their cheapest tariff. This of course is a policy, devised by an idiot full of words and nonsense signifying nothing.

Continue reading

Odd Things – Tax Paid by Giant Corporations

Starbucks, Google, Facebook, Vodaphone, Barclays and other multinationals pay no or very little corporation tax on the profits of their enterprises in the United Kingdom. This is because they do not make profits in the United Kingdom, for corporation tax is paid on the profits of corporations. Nevertheless they turnover billions of pounds in the United Kingdom but make technical losses here and therefore have no corporation tax liabilities. Continue reading

The Creation of Nation States

A referendum about sovereignty, like a hanging, concentrates the mind. The world comprises a few very large nations together with their respective satellites and many independent countries. There are three great blocks in the world – the USA, China and the European Union. Each block has federal characteristics and satellites. In the case of the European Union one of the constituent states is the United Kingdom itself made up of England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. Continue reading