Japan and Germany Close the Nuclear Door, and Britain Opens it

As one nuclear door closes so another nuclear door opens. First, the doors that are closing are in Japan and Germany. In Germany they have decided to decommission all nuclear plants after the Fukushima disaster. The German government feels much more comfortable without nuclear energy. They are comfortable that they will have sufficient supplies from fossil fuel and renewables. In Japan the government are very uncomfortable about nuclear energy. The effects of Fukushima are still being felt. The Dai-Ichi power plant is still leaking radiation and 40% of the fish caught near the plant are unfit for human consumption due to high levels of caesium being found in fish. The fact that it is still being found in fish indicates that contamination is continuing either from leakage or form contaminated sediment or from groundwater run off or a combination of all three factors.

However the good old United Kingdom can still be found to open the nuclear doors. Continue reading