Playing the Race Card

Allegations of racial insults are being made with increasing frequency, although without doubt as a whole the British nation has become less racially prejudiced with each year that passes. It is difficult to understand why racial insults are becoming more prevalent. Each year more of us find that more of our acquaintances and relatives by marriage are of a different race than our own race, and each year we have a less focused understanding of what race we belong to. It seems therefore that the racism is more about colour than race. 

Perhaps people take umbrage too easily. It is particularly ironic that a premiership football referee is accused of swearing at a player and also of racially abusing two players. Referees of professional football matches have to put up with abuse, swearing and insults every match they play. A glance at the chat rooms shows that the abuse is not limited to matches, but also fills the internet. Referees have to be very thick skinned, and perhaps we should all be thicker skinned about racial insults.

I do not suggest that racial insults should be encouraged or tolerated but we should bear in mind that they speak volumes about the person making them, rather than the object of the insults.

2 Responses

  1. I went to a catholic infants’ school and the nearby protestant puplils called us “Catlicks”. We called them “Prodidogs”

    There was no harm done but it was not Northern Ireland where religion is the badge of one’s tribe.

    In that school we told many jokes which started with “there was an englishman, irishman and a jew” or “how do you work out the IQ of “x”man

    What was once a joke is now a crime. Is that why no one tells jokes anymore?


    • Religion, Race, Rebutal, its all so rediculous and designed to control humans for an unknown spirit in our skies.

      My mother was brought up by the sisters of mercy in Venice during WW2, when she questioned certain aspects about the book, she was taken at eight years old, out into the courtyard by her ear and made to kneel of the sharp gravel until her knees bled and told not to question.

      Whilst in Northern Ireland I have seen many religious crimes, clergy donned in the best of garb, taking tithings away from innocent children running around outside in bare feet because their parents could not afford shoes for them.

      Whilst in the army, we had several Muslim soldiers, superb men from stable family communities. Many of the men tried to sneak pork sausages into their ration packs to get them to eat them. I used to swap them for something else I had to make sure they ate properly, the blind cruelty of mankind had to be seen to be believed.

      The list goes on and on, the pope himself resides in a gold clad palace while his subjects procrastinate, it is totally unsane and to be avoided at any cost..

      In nature the magpipe uses some of bling that we discard and the swans pair up for life, humans may catch up one day.

      What I would like to see is, All bastions of the power that is the cathedral, taken down and rebuilt into almes and homes for the needy, all the gold within the clothes and palaces and upon the fingers of the procrastinators converted into homes for the needy, each with a gold plated front door key, which could be left open.

      Not left outside the locked door of the safe of the few.

      I would glady part with a fraction of my labour to see something good done for all colours of man. if they all did the same we could sleep sound in the knowledge, that those who help others to help themselves, the paradigm would be a far more peaceful time upon earth for the whole.

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