How to Control Fuel Prices Without Increasing Pollution and Global Warming

In the United Kingdom the government has decided that the energy companies (there are six that control 99% of the market) have been giving such poor value for money that they should be forced to write to all their customers offering to put the customers on their cheapest tariff. This of course is a policy, devised by an idiot full of words and nonsense signifying nothing.

There are many problems with this embryonic policy which will not see conception. First, it is hard to pick up the cheapest tariff; there are so many and they are so complicated and trust me the big six energy companies will continue to work to make their tariffs as opaque as possible. Secondly, we need to understand how fixed price tariffs will work; are people not to be allowed to hedge against future prices rises by these means? Thirdly, the pricing will do nothing to encourage competition; the energy companies will as I understand the policy, only be obliged to provide details f their won lowest tariff, not that of their competitors.

The solution to the problem of energy prices is nothing to do with switching supplier for the savings of a few pounds. It is more deep rooted than that. The problem is the energy pricing pyramid, which on every tariff provides savings the more energy that you consume. The philosophy is simple. Buy more energy and you get it cheaper as you buy more. The bigger and the less efficient your home the cheaper it costs, in energy unit terms, to heat it and power it.

Now this state of affairs is clearly unfair. A logical solution would be to invert the price pyramid. Let every home be entitled to so many kWh of energy a year at a very low tariff, and after those units are consumed the bill would rise in unit terms in blocks. This would encourage folk to insulate their homes and to consume less, rewarding them for doing so and penalising them if they do not. It would be a fair way of making polluters pay for their pollution (because all fossil fuel and nuclear energy involves much pollution).

Another advantage to my idea is that people will be encouraged to install clean microgeneration in their homes because the clean microgeneration would compete with the fossil fuel energy at the highest marginal rate of fossil fuel, rather than the lowest marginal rate of it. I do not hold a candle for dirty microgeneration, like biomass boilers, but that is another subject.

When it comes to using fossil fuel energy we have to be guided by the maxim “less is better than more” and devise sensible policies rather than the froth and bubble of the recent announcement.

7 Responses

  1. Rob,

    I think your idea is worse.

    It would require yet another costly layer of bureaucracy to decide how much energy each meter is entitled to and then police it.

    I bet the cost of this alone (added to bills as it would be) would, yet again, unfairly increase energy costs for everyone who can’t afford off-grid alternatives.

    Then there is the issue of freedom.

    If this approach was taken it would not be long before food was treated in the same way. Enforced slimming.

    How about petrol too. Enforced walking.

    How about wine. Enforced sobriety.

    Have you read 1984 recently?

  2. Lol.

    The way to halt the theft would be to help each other, not isolate themselves in millions of little boxes. An accumulator of savings gained by a group of energy producers, savings is the way forward.

    Take hot water solar for instance, if a single household saved say 250 pounds in one year using a solar system, half or a percentage of those savings could be pooled to fit another cost price system to another house and so on, with a small percentage going to the running of the paradigm.

    As the original systems gain input they eventually become fixed to a larger saving giving the first setup more and more savings, the more units that are fitted the more returns back to the start so another system, paid for by the sun comes back to the system, until there is a maximum leaving the original systems to climb the percentage/savings, ladder.

    One would have to start somewhere, like a lottery, smart metered and controlled in house, power, from the sun of course.

    I am very surprised that someone has not done this yet, while they still can.

    A non profit making cooperative, on house.

    This is how to regain our freedom, by working together, using what comes naturally.

    Work together, work it out, regain our voice, start the talking.

    Rob, Ghandi was a lawyer like yourself, who once did the biz, he gave everyone a spinning wheel, you have the means to get this ball rolling.

    The term Articifer come to mind?

  3. Wine prices will be artificially increased by government dictat;

    • Anything that soothes the nerve will involve a higher premium in the future trials and tribulations, those that use these forms of escapism will pay the most, its a pitty much more will die and deemed legal will feel the pain the most in mans conflicts upon worthless words, those that make these words gospel, remaining immune to suit them.

      Humans really area strange bunch Chris and will always pay the price through their blindnesses, brought on by a Varroa like genie, now well out of its bottle and in full view, yet the bars remain invisible to most. One has to take your hat off to these viruses, they got the majority fooled, so they have.

  4. Brave New World too

    • It is looking rather likely, to hell with that, I’m making my own.

  5. All one needs to achieve is a symbiosis within nature and the greatest threats to manking would start to become reality. there have been many ancient civilisations throughout history that have been able to do this in sybiosis with the sun and only god warming us.
    Natural dissasters come often to stop the healing processes and we add to them by not working hard enough together to prevent the droughts created by our ignorances.

    We truly have everything we need right here and in the sky, here is a clue to that which enables all life.

    There are some very big clues in the words of this song.

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