The Creation of Nation States

A referendum about sovereignty, like a hanging, concentrates the mind. The world comprises a few very large nations together with their respective satellites and many independent countries. There are three great blocks in the world – the USA, China and the European Union. Each block has federal characteristics and satellites. In the case of the European Union one of the constituent states is the United Kingdom itself made up of England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland there will be a referendum to decide whether Scotland should be independent. In Europe there are signs of increasing resistance to the concept of a united federal Europe. When the former Yugoslavia had the choice it broke up into many small nations and although there was fighting over the break up the fighting mainly concerned the delineation of boundaries rather than the concept of a unified nation of Yugoslavia.

The Soviet Union exists no more, and in its place are many nations enjoying their independent sovereignty.

A few years earlier Czechoslovakia held a referendum and decided to split into two spate nations – the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They share an almost common language but have chosen different paths, peacefully and I hope successfully. There are many Slovaks and people of Slovakian descent living in the Czech Republic and many Czechs and people of Czech descent living in Slovakia. There is a similar distribution of Scots in England and English in Scotland.

Notwithstanding the tendency, as democracy kicks in, of the world dividing itself into more and more nations, the world is at the same time becoming one homogenous quasi- nation.

The United States have agreed an extradition treaty with the United Kingdom which has been in force for some years under which UK citizens may be extradited to face trial in American courts even though they have never set foot in America and even though the crimes of which they are accused are not crimes under the law of the United Kingdom.

In the field of taxation although we have not yet reached the stage where one nation will enforce the tax laws of another, tax treaties have been written to require disclosure of affairs from former tax havens and what was once an impenetrable veil of secrecy is rapidly becoming an open book for tax gatherers everywhere. This may be a good thing where those gathering taxes are following rules and procedures which are fair and apply to everyone, or may be a bad thing where those gathering taxes are not following rules and fair procedures but simply confiscating assets to enrich a dictator’s war chest.

There are many rules that a nation cannot contemplate creating; in the United Kingdom we cannot raise import tariffs or tax aviation fuel or do a host of other things however desirable they may be having committed not to do them by treaty with the European Union and by treaty with the rest of the world. We are also prevented from doing undesirable things, such as abusing human rights, and this has led to a distortion of the meaning of human rights when recently a convicted murder was allowed to remain in the United Kingdom rather than be deported to Honduras because it was held that deportation would infringe his right to family life.

The European Union recently was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, having kept the peace within the Union since it was formed. It was an odd choice, because I doubt in the fact of union prevents war, as many for the greatest and most vicious wars in the world’s history have been civil wars.

It seems that the trend of unifying nations into a greater cohesive whole is balanced by an equal and opposite trend of dividing nations into smaller nations. Which is more desirable is not straightforward. Likely we are faced with a choice that tries to establish the lesser of two evils.

I think that people do have an inalienable right to self-determination. If the Scots wish to separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, then that is fine by me. Only time will tell whether a nation is better off as a small state or as part of a bigger state and none of us are infused with sufficient wisdom to know whether the decision will prove beneficial for Scotland in the long term.

Most of us want no more than to live in peace and prosperity. Whether that wish is more likely to be fulfilled by small nations rather than large nations is impossible to know but generally I believe that small nations are more likely to be peace loving than large nations, but they are also likely to be tyrannised by large nations, especially of the small nation has resources that are desirable. Perhaps in a generation from now there will be a hundred new nations, each striving to go their own way and create their own peace and prosperity. Perhaps those small nations will be dominated by blocks in ways which makes their independence simply irrelevant.

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  1. A friend once said to me,

    Its an unfortunate state of affairs, that our current paradigm causes some to covet others belongings, instead of working towards changing the paradigm where we can all share in each others well being. But as long as we perpetuate a system that allows a small few to covet everything else, very little is going to change.

    Who reading here is willing tothese changes.

    There is an awful lot of conjecture and history of what and how we see ourselves within the world, but very little suggestion towards a sollution, here in lies the human problem.

    Did Ghandi get it right first time.

  2. Some types of personality crave power.

    Being a wise tribal elder or leader voted for by a few worthy members is probably a good thing (if you are homo sapiens).

    However, craving power can lead to disaster for homo sapiens. Just like animals actual and potential rulers seek large power bases and tend to squabble over those power bases.

    In my view nations are rarely natural formations of homo sapiens. They result from the desires of power seekers and often expose blatant hypocrisy.

    The EU is currently at the forefront of that hypocrisy. Having been awarded a Nobel peace prize for bringing peace to Europe its is trying to bring about an (artificial) nation state of Europe by force. Witness the removal of Greek and Italian prime ministers. Witness repeated Irish referenda until the right (EU favoured) answer was given. Witness the economic war on the City.

    The various EU (unelected) presidents and bureaucrats share much of Hitler’s vision of a united Europe. In my view the only real difference from Hitler is in the ‘means’.

    For example, allowing Scotland to cede the Union or Catalunya to cede from Spain suits the EU because it weakens national governments and prevents any likelihood of opposition to EU enforcement. Such fragmentation is not anti the nation of Europe. Alex Salmond has already said Scotland will apply to join the EU.

    Even though our democracy is seriously deficient politicians remain at risk of dethronement. Unlike EU bureaucrats who have no such fear and are day by day becoming dictators. They use the stick (lose trade benefits), the carrot (subsidies to favoured countries) and propaganda (grants to the BBC etc)

    Today, Germany becomes the self declared financier and debt collector as the price for adopting the debts of the axis of indolence, Germany says it requires to have a currency gauliter to decide what other countries in the eurozone can spend and what should be taxed. The bureaucrat will not be elected but will have the power to direct the finances of any Eurozone country (until countries become EU zones)

    Unfortunately, those who crave power can never be satisfied. Absolute power is absolute corruption.

    • Good post

      We currently have a problem in Europe, the reaction is spending, and the ready made sollution is alread waiting in the wings. The conflict of interests there may be over, but only a cease fire was actually declared and yet a hidden war still continues unabated.

      If we find ourselves upon neutral ground, we need not guess to why this should be happening.

      The safety net is ready and waiting for those who make the biggest mistakes, as long as they bring our wealth with them, before the neck tightens.

      For your children’s sakes, start questioning everything to what is being done behind closed doors by unellecteds, they are very good at taking your souls and some.

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