Fracking could be responsible for water contamination at the Wind River Reservation

History is written by the victors and when the defeated have no writing history becomes mere propaganda. For example the Americans who today live the American Dream (whatever that may be) do so by dancing on the bones of the aboriginal peoples that once walked the continent. Old habits die hard; when you have built a nation on the oppression of the aborigine there is little chance of changing your habits.

In Wyoming at the Wind River Indian Reservation the US Geological Survey has found that ground water contains contaminants associated with hydraulic fracturing extraction of methane from shale rock. This is the process which injects shale rock with chemicals and water and sand under pressure to extract oil and gas from the rock. It has made natural gas cheap in many places in Northern America.

The survey revealing water contamination was undertaken after local residents complained of the drinking water tasting strange. Analysis showed that it contained methane, ethane, diesel and phenol, which were not previously found in groundwater.

The company that has been doing the drilling says that the results are flawed because the compounds found occur naturally in the ground water as a result of being in the rock. They may be right. It is also possible that the fracking has been conducted in ways that are inappropriate and this has contaminated the water supply. Alternatively it may be that fracking, however well conducted, will always carry a risk of water contamination. More tests are planned but in the meantime the Arapaho and Shoshone tribes on the reservation will not be using the contaminated water for drinking or cooking.

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  1. The minuites could read, this natural energy hath laid beneath the ground for millions of years, there has been no earthquake activity other than what this company has administered of late. It is yet another form of indirect violence towards and using money that your giving them for what actually belings to the whole, to protect their interests, while a peaceful and supporting majority will simply have to put up and shut up, unless they have the knowledge or the money they once were borriwed to fight wars of words, getting nowhere, this is how true wars of many kinds are born, with money not knowledge, the false righteousness and illusion the afflicted are all chasing.

    The only way anything is going to get done here, is for a trial period of the company directors maybe drinking this water to see if they aquire any side effects from the contamination they say is natural, because this is what they are basically telling the people who are drinking it to do, and carry on doing so even though they are continually pumping. Or, they stop pumping for the same period of time they first started to see if the problem subsides.

    When those parting with their labour in the form of taxes to fight with the rest of their labour in the form of legal protection, have nothing left, they have nowhere else to go, and some foolishly tend to take matters into their own hands, “wrong policy”. Stop supporting and using this benefit with your labour, of course nobody is going to do this alone or immediately.

    All this, wars, disease that follows are all types of indirect violence for being lazy with the truth, will always out when the civilisation looses control of their labour via a commodity they do not own themselves, namely milk and honey and all that the whole should be sharing equally.

    The monetary madness begins as soon as one parts with their labour without thinking and the enviornment has to give up her resorces further in order of perpetuating the syndrome of more destruction of both paradigms to further fuel the madness in our midst, things will only end in tears for the whole.

    There is a solution in the form of a long hidden code using the 360-260-52 model and a caring world wide right and title of the female to protect her off spring from the clutches of those who think they owe them their lives for profit the the Judas who is askng them to drink contaminated water, and need to pay for the product and thus problems with profit, creating the contamination.

    There is another way, the current ruling paradigm now holds all of its nest eggs in the form of our labour in the form of debts, debts that they created, simply all refuse to part with any more of your labour to them on this premis and the violators would go bankrupt almost immediately, then with the temporary vaccum created, start working for yourself and helping each other, yes the system would implode almost immediately, but humans are very resiliant and the whole would recover very quickly indeed.

    The problems would of course return because its the way things are. This is why Mayans resolved all problems by destroying all debts over another brither or sister, mother or father, after every 52 calander months, and began again from scratch, it is a great system which now has thousands of theives quaking in their shoes made in childrens eyes, hoping that such madness could never be brought forward, things is the stone they hurriedly burried was found and their success in now known.

    Could humanity be brave enough to love their temporary benefactors or farmer after the fruitful months were over, I could because they or myself has little of qnyones labour to call theirs own, it would halt perpetual greed and free the mother of all from further enviornmental abuse, from the surplanted gurus within.

    So and for the final time, I bid you all farewell, keep the faith that you were all born with, and one day might realise or rediscover the ways many to perpetual freedom.

    Davy Stephenson.

  2. I thought aborigines used to inhabit Australia not the USA. They do now anyway.

    Unfortunately for the Norsemen, Celts, a few remnant Romans and the Anglo Saxons the Normans trampled over most of our existing culture and gave us law, the finest language in the world and eventually civilisation.

    Was this wrong? Should we hand back our country to our forebears?

    When does such reconciliation stop?

    Do those who inhabit a land, even for hundreds of years become owners of the land? or, can we be no more than tenants until we are displaced by a more powerful race, ethos or civilisation?

    LIke the theory of evolution. Isn’t it axiomatic that the human race will inexorably develop into a more homegenous and civilised species at the expense of humans and other species who are less technically advanced, civilised or powerful?

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