We are what we eat and we are fat

I sat around a table and there were eight other middle aged men around the same table. We sat in chairs that were unfussy and had no arms and I noticed that all the middle aged men slouched back in the chairs and as they slouched back (it was summer and they had removed their jackets) their ties sprawled over their rather fat bellies. I looked down at my own rather fat belly over which my tie sprawled. We were nine middle aged fat men.

Fat looks different on different people; if you are tall you can hide your fat more easily with well-cut clothing. If you are small you will always look dumpy. I remember a photograph of my father sat around a table with middle aged men; only one of them had a belly and could be described as fat. Today we are mainly fat in the Western developed world.

So being fat we take up a little more space on this world and we use a lot more food unnecessarily. It is not just the food we waste by not eating it – regular clear outs of larders which results in throwing away food past its sell-by date accounts for about a quarter of the food that we “consume” in the western developed world. We also waste food by eating it. Our round fat bellies are the result of eating more food than we need.

I am told the average man needs to consume food that constitutes about 2000 calories every day. I am not a dietician but I am prepared to accept that 2000 calories a day is a reasonable amount to consume if we are average men. If we are not average men and work in physically demanding jobs, we may need to consume 2500 calories. However, we mostly consume 2500 calories every day without needing to use the energy that the calories bring so our bodies, trained by millennia of experience, stores the surplus calories as fat in our tissue and in our belly.

The developed world has an obesity problem; there are many obese people when a generation ago there were far fewer. Although in some cases obesity is as a result of a medical condition in many cases it is down to simple over eating, as was the round belly middle aged men who sat at the conference table. They were eating for comfort, for enjoyment, as a distraction from the cares of their worlds and eating beyond their own requirement for food, distorting their bodies and affecting their health.

If we in the western developed world consume on average more than we need to consume then are we not abusing our environment? We are cutting down rain forests to feed cattle which we will over eat, ploughing to the very edges of our fields to grow bread which we will eat beyond our needs and fill our bodes with comforting fat and sugar which will not meet any natural requirement of our bodies. Whatever we do not discharge into the sewers (and over eating over fills the sewers) we discharge around ourselves with ribbons of fat and puddles of fat which never dry up.

No one takes responsibility. The large food corporations carry on regardless with their insatiable desire to fill our bellies beyond capacity until our bellies expand and our bodies store the surplus that they serve and sell and which they have conditioned us to consume. We cannot just blame them, for it is us to put their food in our mouths.

We are changing our environment for the worse in order to fill our bellies with food that we do not need. We are getting a moment of pleasure in exchange for beggaring the place where we live and distorting our bodies and health, the only place on which we know that we can live. And generations hence will suffer for our pleasure.

I remember that meeting with those round bellied middle aged men. I remember that well at the end of the meeting as energy flagged I sent out for donuts which we heartily ate.

3 Responses

  1. Please forgive me Rob, but your explanation of your boardroom, bellies and ties gave me a visualisation of a Bilderbergers get together, lol.

    Furthermore, any neo malthusians reading and watching this post might look upon a more moderate society with panic, because a responsible and western 20% presently doing the wasting, changing their ways, might give the remaining 80% a chance at a bigger and better life, both swelling the population even further and getting what the horders want to keep for themselves.

    As far as using land to the very limits of its capability of feeding the planet, this is very far from the truth, the actual figures are, roughly only 4% is being used, or forcesd to give out a larger percentage on less area, using the corporate and stolen energy, being drip fed, thus creating the problems we see before us.

    If the corporate mind setting and betting boardroom could be halted, the current paradigm would indeed wake up from their slumber and a realisation of where ever calory came from would be better used. The setasiders and land owning governmentals would cease riding horees all over it and have to get their hands outs and get them dirty for their own survival.

    What we need to do to bring back quality and localisation to bare is a boardroom blitz, a return to cooperation not corporations disguised as cooperatives, and a highly skilled population, producing only what they need for themselves, because high quality breeds less and becomes more for the whole, same goes for food and everything home grown, by minds in the individual trim, not borging on the ridiculous, where only a few fat men around tables thinking they know what is good for the majority.

    Years from now, some of the readers here, might remember all or some of my responces and wished they had done more for themselves and their whole, but I have a funny feeling that the fat contrivers might not agree.

    You see, when one walks in shoes not made in childrens eyes, grows and eats really high quality food from ones own seed, help those who want to help themselves, the ones who recieved that help, can tell the rest what works and what does’nt, the fat men around the tables will miss out on what really matters to both their own and most importantly our whole.

    The planet is cabable of supporting ten times the current population according to the waste and theft that is preventing an ever lasting stability that has yet toexis, if only the ones who think they know, let the whole descide for itself.

  2. High streets used to have butchers, bakers, fishmongers and fruit and veg shops. These were the ‘only’ food shops.

    Now, supermarkets sell all our food but how much space within them is devoted to fruit, veg, meat, fish and bread?

    On the other hand how much space is devoted to tins, cook chill ready meals, snacks, biscuits, sweets, fizzy drinks, alcohol…… ?

    In my opinion it’s manufatcurers who are a source of the problem. They sell things to snack on, to fill on……… ready to eat meals, pizzas, spoon on sauces, sandwiches, filled rolls, pies, cakes, pastries sugared juices, puddings dressed up as yoghurts……

    Consequently, many of us no longer have any idea of how to preapare food made with raw ingredients, We just buy snacks dressed up as meals.

    This lifestyle is not due to individual greed but corporate greed of (particularly) the american food industry.

    • Hi Chris

      What has happened to create this explosion is, a runaway free trade program and a series of governmental and contractual agreements, a lax local and regional policy paradigm.

      When I was a young boy walking three miles each way to school, one would never see a butcher selling bread or a baker selling fruit. What is happening today to seal the fate of the high street is the remaining retailers, cutting off the remaining lifelines from each other by becoming multi retailers.

      There also used to be a retail code index and decency policy, which each specialist would stick to, this could be reinstated in the form of respect without and legal contract, today as we speak.

      The paradigm now shares common ground by sharing overheads, with different produce on one floor, here is the survival mode kicking in to remain in the slavery outlet and kindom regardless of product, see this taking place with ones own eyes.

      I have mentioned this several times before, our long term and future problems started way back when Patterson set up the bank of England on behalf of the then monarch, who basically sold out his country to the private money sector. And later by hiring the cheap and future labour, indirectly through the colony in Hong Kong, where a killing using drugs, very much like Afghanistan today, funded all the major money lenders we see on our high streets today, they qre criminals with white paper immunities, bought and paid for with our ancestors bloid, and many more to come.

      Wars, drugs, mitary theft and empirical mayhem now positions itself on the human smorgers board to starve out any remaining and uneducated paradigm, to begin the takedown which will strengthen their cause and create a vaccum fir others to fill, leaving the same virus intact to breed long into the souls who survive.

      Economists have this historical knowledge or letters of exchange to use as further gain to the highest bidder to sniff and snuff out those trying to survive, viral and unworthy, like a flee firmly attatched to any decent host.

      Fashion and foolery houses are mere distractions, art and religion, bullets bombs and banks are all designed to pack em up tight and ship them out, that’s no longer of any use to the profiteers and false prophets, who’s ultimate goal is black body bags and pound signs, heavy metal lingering at the bottom of the oceans and rusting in the deserts, the scrap yards of life, the best and breast fed life, for fortune at any cost.

      All of this is a future we are already living in, anyone with any viable sollutions are being watched as they type, the only way to make the difference is to make your own system Chris, the madness is set to continue and the majority who goes with the flowing and willful blindness, deserves all they are going to be offered.

      Someone elses life and labour.

      Speak out you warriors of words that are watching here and know the whole knows your worthiness, because there are those who knows what will happen if one does’nt. I am mearly warming up.

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