The outlook is for more gales and floods

When the vessels of the Royal Navy relied on wind power, and not on coal, oil or nuclear power, the sailors thought that when the equinox arrived would come gales and strong winds. It was thought that the shortening of daylight by a minute less than twelve hours was a recipe for autumn gales. If we are wise we know now that we know very little about weather except what we experience and in Britain, true to the sailors’ theory we have seen many parts of the country subject to gales and extraordinary rainfall.

We can usually count of gales (if they come) in late October or early November, and that is a far safer time of the year for gales than September. This summer has been the wettest on record and as a result the soil is damp. The trees are still in full leaf, making a large surface area for the gales to meet, and as a result some trees or branches will fall down the in wind.

So far we have had one death in the gale and plenty of flooding as a September’s worth of rain has fallen in twenty four hours in some places. Today people in the North East of England were advised to stay at home, because of the risks that flooding will bring. That advice is unexpected in September.

It is likely that we shall see more flooding and perversely, more drought. It was only six short months ago that much of England was subject to a hosepipe ban to save water. Can anyone remember that?
Things I think are happening to our weather and we must plan for them. Global warming is making our weather even less predictable than it used to be. For centuries we have lived our lives and built our infrastructure around well-known weather phenomena.  We would expect gales in late October, for example, and sunshine in July. We would expect our rainfall to be evenly distributed throughout the year and although we would from time to time have heavy rainfall, we would never expect to have a month’s worth in twenty four hours.

These things are changing but our infrastructure has been built to what we had come to expect, and it should be adapted to what we will come to expect. That means more flood defences, more roads built to be more easily passable in very wet weather, more snow clearing facilities for roads, railways and airports and similar changes to adapt to what will be. It also means that people should take care when buying a home, and do thorough research on its susceptibility to flooding, because inevitably the insurers will do this research and as a result some homes will become uninsurable.

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  1. Here we have local weather recordings by Stevenson frame for the last thirty years Rob, today our river is in spaight because it has been raining non stop for 48 hours, the last time it was at the height it is right now, on the river marker board only 50 yards away from my house, was over ten years ago, another ten years further back it was higher still, and even furtherback in the 80’s it was another four feet higher than that also.

    Another freind of ours 8 miles away who lives 800 feet above us also has decades of local weather records, the country wide there are many thousands more like us, who once recorded and phoned in detailed recordings on a daily or weekly basis, we know what the weather was doing before our children now grown up’s was doing, we know who to trust and who is telling lies.

    Take the paradigm back even further to our fathers time and the river here was much more destructive, she washed away entire water mills, even further still entire villages, but as the years roll on it has become less so.

    Localised flooding in many cases today is created by mans interference, by draining the land and the fells for grazing etc, if you want a detailed weather report, why not ask the locals.

    Man now puts his trust in machines and other men end up ruining the once smooth running of an entire society that was once self sufficient, work things out sooner than later folks, then we can return to normality, where the whole supports the whole as in nature.

    Wheather the whether be good or be bad the whether will chase the farmers lad, come rain or shine.

    We are all still alive, those who control the paradigm are no longer working with or for our interests, but require interests from our labours, one day the whole will wake up to what is happening in our abscense.

  2. How about some ‘real’ ideas about the environment. How to save energy, how to become independent of the power grid, gas lines, water companies etc.

    How to not pay tax on food and energy.

    How to keep your old cars going, despite the EU’s insistence that only manufacturers’ parts will be legal in future.

    It is so boring just to bang on about global warming. Is it really causing weather ? or is it just that you have become obsessed ?

    • Hear here Chris.

      Here we do all of those things and more.
      In order ofcracking the code which you mention, first one needs the skills and hands on atributes that the current paradigm is destroying faster than some are trying to collect it, we started really early as we spotted the get you home electronic tom foolery in motor vehicles, with flashing lights and fault codes to stop driving and report to your master mechanic donning a black magic box.

      The second model is to get out of the easy money, or cease chasing those who no longer have the dispisable income based on debt, because those doing so are basically going down with the same ship or shot with the crows either side of that reality.

      Basically start building your own system asap, seek out the articifers of old and get stuck in, like there is no tomorrow, because there are those who are not only shipping out your jobs, but all the alternatives with which you require to tool up an alternative.

      Skill up, make your own system, try everything possible until you find where you will fit in, with what is left, everything else can be rediscovered as the knowledge builds.

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