The time of our species will not last forever

The same mistakes that we have made have been made many times before. We are a fragile species living in a robust world, but with all our fragility and with all the strength of the world we can by our sheer weight of numbers make such changes to the world that it will no longer support us. Thus whimpering we shall leave this place and as time turns for as long as it needs to turn, some new lives shall make the same mistakes that we have made and while making them look upon all our triumphs and all our destinies and all our discoveries and all our pleasures which shall be no more than curiosities for those that will not understand them, and to those it shall matter not.

I suppose that it will not matter to what lies beneath the surface of this small mass or which life lives on the outside.  But for a time, a time that I cannot tell, and ending time for us is merely the start of time elsewhere.

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  1. The video we all saw in the last post I can relate too very well, it tells us that the contents are far from a mistake, wars are not mistakes, but instigated, organised and heady murder, by seasoned and indirect violators and for a reason.
    Within humanity lies a virus like structure like no other found in nature; in nature the best holds that society together like it has for millions of years, before humanity was surplanted into the paradigm, but nature holds itself unsuported in a stasis with it’s surroundings, humans use their best to destroy their young for profit, a kind of profit that is not to be found in nature.

    Without the best to create an ever lasting pathway for the future and as a species we head long into a reality always with second best, that are also being created and incapable of thinking for themselves, thus incapable of creating a moderate climate in which to survive, this is also by and design from the same virus like articifers creating the imbalance waxed and wayning, but never going forward with stability.

    The way forward is to stop subsidising the wealthy with the souls of the majority, refuse to touch anything that these sharletons have instigated, and start working for yourself, as long as the whole thinks that their tokens are needed to survive, we will always follow them over the cliffes that they create.

    The next trap is well and truly sprung and the continual catchers lie in wait in the tainted waters below, knowing full well that their bounty is on its way, but from the safety of the relative security of the corals one can observe the freak show taking place, these corals are actually the seats of power today, they know exactly what is taking place, but are far weaker than the rest and ultimately and totally powerless to act against these money making monsters and are permanently stuck to its breast, because a few bad men are far easier to control than a many good wo/men.

    It is rather painful to observe beautiful caring families at car boot sales, selling everything they own in these times to feed the debt monster, items made by the less fortunate, worth very little, and a pulic awareness that no longer visualises quality and longevity made in house, this model is one of the most damaging and also a conditioned brought into the souls of the population by design.

    Out voted yet illusionary leaders are non other than false prophets, handing out false sollutions after the facts, the next circus of blood letting and stealing is about to begin very shortly, presently the austerity and stealing and printing frenzy is at full tilt, those energies belonging to you and millions of others are being redirected towards the culmination and next battle of all battles, however their efforts are beginning to fall short and new fiscals are being created, en-route to further fund the madness, carbon taxes is only one of them, being used to create the final and global takedown.

    The easy way to halt this perpetual madness is called isolation starvation, very much like the fat controllers are currently using to create this new found double dip/namely depression, one must try to isoltate the virus and boycott it’s reality/starve it out “Isolation Starvation” by putting your own shoulder to you own wheel and ignore those that first think, then force you to part with your labour by killing each other.

    There is however a trick in the video, because not one of us needs to die to achieve what it is asking us to do, all we need to do is stop supporting the created virus in our midst, and exactly as David Icke says, “A peaceful and non compliance” Not Violence, it will be harder than anything we have ever done before, but worth it in the end, when the money mountains are no longer and the whole use and shared equally by the whole, our children will look back and know our worthiness.

    The clock of man is ticking and nature is waiting for an equal in man to work it all out.


  2. Related in the contex of lasting, free speach is also under attack, then blogs like this may be a thing of the past.

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