Odd Things – the Pornographer Publisher and the Duchess’s Nude Snaps

Richard Desmond is the owner of the Daily Star Newspaper, a titillating red top, and was the owner of many glossy magazines that published pictures of naked women in graphic detail. However, Mr Desmond is offended by an Irish newspaper, the Irish Daily Star, with whom he has had links, by a decision to publish nude snaps of the Duchess of Cambridge taken without her permission. The Duchess’s snaps were not pornographic in in way; particulars of her vagina have not been exposed, (unlike those in the magazines in which Mr Desmond specialised in publishing) but merely grainy pictures of this thirty year old woman’s areola tissue around her breasts. The pictures of the Duchess are not in any way pornographic but Mr Desmond is so offended by their having been taken without her permission and printed in the Irish Star that he is has suspended the editor of the Irish Daily Star and said he would unravel the joint venture involving that publication or close it down.

It is a very odd thing.

6 Responses

  1. The papers have already been sold, the monies made, the fines and firing will follow, the profits handsome, in the flesh reality to behold.

  2. “Robert Kyriakides Weblog”
    Ideas about the environment !!! ?

    • Here you go Chris, something enviorn-men- tal, and something really worth keeping an eye on I would say.


      And lets not forget about Benny and the ink jets, supplying the knowledge.

      I wonder how the legality side of things stands from such advisories, from a bunch of unellected’s, when it all eventually goes wrong and things turn fury.

      But everyone is distracted by mamoryagrams.

  3. I believe that the lady doth protest tooo much!

  4. Davy,

    the BBC receives EU grants for peddling pro EU propaganda. So we get no proper information re: Barosso/Rumpy/Euro/ECB/IMF/Banking union/Merkel/Spanish riots/Catalunyan independence/Greek riots/
    Any of this might have an anti EU taint.

    In my view, Barroso is a dictator in waiting. Watch his body language when Farage is speaking in the EU parliament.

    But there are many factors influencing news broadcasts.

    Our 24 hour press and TV is obsessive compulsive. Important stories are soon forgotten. Where is Tia’s murderer?

    Why was phone hacking sooo wrong? Huge Grant and his pals have made a big fuss but why? What was in is inbox?

    Why are boobys more important than reports on the massive military machine presently being built up in the Gulf/Straits of Hormuz and eastern Mediterranean?

    Why has the civil war in Syria suddenly become yesterday’s news? Replaced by Boobys!

    On the other hand, our press hardly dares to express opinions on anything important. Religion, especially mohammedans, black magic etc are reported with no underlying opinion in case it offends a minority with mediaeval attitudes and morals.

    For some reason the press has to support the rights of single parents and their right to live off the rest of us irrespective of how they became single parents. For many it is a lifestyle choice encouraged by single parents of previous generations.

    The Press praises disabled athletes yet the disabled who work and earn a living instead of living on ‘hand outs’ get no mention or praise. Surely, if a disabled person can be an athlete then surely many can earn a living.

    So, is it all a conspiracy by the Rockerfellers and Bilderbergers?

    Or is it just that joe public prefers trash news, has a short span of attention,is too lazy to enquire, and is easily hoodwinked?

    • Nice post Chris, your mind is well in the trim. Circuses and free bread, or one could say, booby’s and sellective deafness and a paradigm conditioned from birth certification and an unconditional and willful blindness, so cleverly instigated.

      The video called human farming says it all really, but forgets to mention, that we can all use the free time after the hand out’s and re-skill on their time, while its still legal.

      Barroso, is being funded by the whole without permission for now, once the remaining workers unite, they will drop the deaf donkies not listening to what the majority want, all they have to do is ask in enough numbers for a referendum next illusion, they we would have the answer in full, but time is against a happy result.

      Barroso should also be stripped of his hounory of, Citizen of Delphi and Golden Medal of the “Amfiktyons”, Delphi, Greece, which he aquired in July 2007; right at the begining of the planned crash by his bosses at the BIS.

      The straights will be yet another Tonkin moment and we know what follows, not long now, build up’s like this are now costing more than they are stealing and printing.

      What the people should be told is, not to stand and fight after the trouble makers and shakers have thrown rocks at the hornets nest, they can boycott the lot and send them to them who represent the paradigm to the front.

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