Odd Things – the Pornographer Publisher and the Duchess’s Nude Snaps

Richard Desmond is the owner of the Daily Star Newspaper, a titillating red top, and was the owner of many glossy magazines that published pictures of naked women in graphic detail. However, Mr Desmond is offended by an Irish newspaper, the Irish Daily Star, with whom he has had links, by a decision to publish nude snaps of the Duchess of Cambridge taken without her permission. The Duchess’s snaps were not pornographic in in way; particulars of her vagina have not been exposed, (unlike those in the magazines in which Mr Desmond specialised in publishing) but merely grainy pictures of this thirty year old woman’s areola tissue around her breasts. The pictures of the Duchess are not in any way pornographic but Mr Desmond is so offended by their having been taken without her permission and printed in the Irish Star that he is has suspended the editor of the Irish Daily Star and said he would unravel the joint venture involving that publication or close it down.

It is a very odd thing.