Odd Things -Two Different Deaths by Police with Two Different Outcomes

Some years ago a man of Brazilian origin was thought to be a terrorist and was deliberately shot dead many times in the head at close range by the police at Stockwell underground station. The Police Service was prosecuted found guilty and was fined for a breach of Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. At the trial the jury found that no policeman bore any personal culpability.

A couple of years later a man on his way home was caught in a place where there was rioting. A policeman, presumably thinking that the man was a rioter, knocked him with a truncheon once on the leg and pushed him over, without any intention to kill the man. The man got up, walked away but a few minutes later died from internal bleeding from his liver, which was badly damaged by cirrhosis. The policeman was prosecuted, acquitted, but subsequently dismissed from the police force for gross misconduct in striking the man with his truncheon and pushing him to the ground.

I suppose the lesson is there is a distinction between shooting an unarmed man in the head many times at close range and giving a man a smack on the legs and pushing him on the ground. Both men die, one death is much more foreseeable than the other, but for those policemen who caused the deaths the two outcomes are very different.