The Algorithm Of Life

Looking at something from above and increasing the magnitude of our eyesight gives us some understanding.

So naturalists observe a flea

Hath smaller fleas that on him prey

Watching from the bottom up provides us with a terrifying picture, because we see a very large frightening thing that we need, but which controls every aspect of our lives, including our survival. The smaller fleas that bite the larger flea are inevitably dependent upon the larger flea. If we bite the larger flea too greedily, we parasites will kill our host. If the host is a poor host, its guests will not survive, and that may matter not. The billionaire looking down is in control of everything he may possibly perceive, but the ordinary man, seeing the billionaire though the layers of wealth that exceeds his own, is dependent upon the billionaire for his weekly meals.

One ordinary man’s weekly meals will be a feast for many paupers.

And these have smaller fleas to bite ‘em

And so proceed ad infinitum

Do fleas care for on that which they depend? Do they understand the relativity of survival?

An ordinary man would be delighted to receive one thousandth part of a multi billionaire’s wealth; the loss of a thousandth part of a multi billionaire’s wealth would make no difference to the billionaire. If the ordinary man then gives a thousandth of what he has to a pauper it would mean the difference between starvation and life and for the pauper but would make no difference to the ordinary man. Thus the formula for life goes to infinity and returns from infinity, in tiny fragments, and like smaller and smaller fleas we measure it in obscure senseless calculus.