Tacky Prince Harry

There has been a lot of fuss about Prince Harry, a wealthy 28 year old who is third in line for the throne of England and many other countries, going to Las Vegas and getting naked and getting snapped being naked. Apparently what goes in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas but travels round the internet and newspapers of the world. I am not concerned about this story except for one aspect of it, which has barely been reported. It seems that Harry did not have to pay a bill of about $30,000 for staying at the hotel. He was given a freebie by the hotel owner.  Now that, to me, is far more tacky than anything that may have gone on in the privacy of the hotel room.  Heirs to the throne should not be beholden to or scrounge off hoteliers and casino operators, especially when the heir has at least £28 million in his own right. I mean, how much more tacky can you get?