Fighting Climate Change

To fight climate change we must understand climate change completely. To understand climate change completely we must be cleverer than we are at present because we understand almost nothing completely. To understand climate change incompletely we must simply be as we are now. There are degrees of incomplete knowledge; our incomplete knowledge of climate change is sufficient to enable us to fight it. To fight climate change incompletely we must try to fight and then then hope that what we try will succeed. Fighting climate change does not secure a victory; it merely gives us a possibility of victory. If we do not succeed in fighting climate change we shall perish. If we succeed in fighting climate change we have a chance of not perishing. It is probably as simple as that.

3 Responses

  1. Why fight that which one says we don’t understand, doing so won’t change anything. Why try fixing it if it’s not broken, that normally wastes more energy than we already are in order ofstanding still.
    Monkton has already and wisely mentioned that taking from the enviornment the resorces to raise the lost leaders to combat that which we have already taken from the enviornment, using this model as an indirect violence to those creating the heat, including the investors throughout the paradigm, is dellusional if anyone thinks that all these carbon taxes upon the polluters in all of the banks throughout this planet could make any difference, its a non starter based upon buying our way out of any given situation is unsustainable.

    A few obviously believe it can, but hoarde the imaginary wealth created in pollution and enviornmental degredation, in a false hope for their whole, that are not very good at Gaian maths.

    Mean while back to Greenland.

    The latter years of the colony brought on some predicted movements of mankind, the smaller farms were slowly but surely gathered up and sacrificed for the richest too big to fails… Slowly but surely their ancient elite owned all of the cows and all of the hay and land for their own herd and 160 stalls, climate change rumbled onwards, the millenias past by and the unpredictable ice each year slowly engulfed their lands during the summer months, in the end news stopped coming back to the mother land, so people went to see what was afoot, they found nothing but a single boat that wasn’t burnt to keep warm, its nails were replaced by wooden pegs because they had run out of metal.

    On the mother land life went on as normal, other civilisations were lost to climate change via, warming and civilised and modern destruction was taking place at the hands of the empires of the day, and all of this was recorded, yet we ignore reality.

    All of the clues to what will eventually happen today still reside in the minds of man, but the few would rather remain independant of reality to keep what really belongs to everyone.

    Predictable humanity, unpredictable computer models that will never solve the main problem.

  2. Dear Brother,

    Trust in the wisdom of Life, it will prevail:

    With Love,


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