Sounds We Hear

We are surrounded by music which we do not hear and to which we do not listen. We are surrounded by the noise of the city and the noise of the countryside, wherever we live. We hear white noise when we fly and grey noise when we sleep. We listen to nothing, not even ourselves or our desires or our wants because we have been taught to control ourselves as we live in order to live at peace with others. We need to co-ordinate our words with what we hear, our sounds with our music. We need to listen to the music and not the sounds.

One Response

  1. Thoughts today are not really our own, they come to us through an onslaught of, sights and sounds, from every type of electronic device one could imagine, it is the all new encompassing religion, and once brought to us by many dozen of outlets, sadly now only about six giant corporations who infight positioning themselved for the best following via polls to see who is listening or not listening.

    Turn off your tv set and here the true rhythm and another world all around us is the message, many are trying, I can tell you it definately works.

    Ying or Yang, left or right, these are all duopolies who stopped working for our well being a long long time ago.

    A little joviality

    Our future lies in the things we make for ourselves, in the hand to eye coordination emmerging before our own eyes, this is why the further we travel back in time one sees when the minds of man are clear to think, all the most useful items were born between the wars.

    Sorry for interupting your peace this morning, but variety is the spice of life not monopoly who stagnate the sights and sound producing idle hands and thus minds.

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