Nothing Really Matters

It does not matter in the long run. Nothing matters in the long run. A doctor may work hard and use great skill to save the life of a man who will inevitably sooner or later die. Is the effort wasted? It is, in the long run. The saved life may bring great benefit to humanity and to the whole world. It may bring havoc and destruction beyond our present imagination. There is no test to tell us whether a life will help humanity or destroy its virtues.  The doctor works on the basis that all life is worth saving and being alive I welcome that presumption, although it will not matter to me when I am dead, as dead I must be. Death is a matter of infinite momentum and a reality which makes much of what we do and what we are be no more than mere vanity. Ultimately, I expect to occupy two longish paces of earth, and stay there until my occupancy becomes irrelevant to what the world has become leaving the vanity of the unanswered question:

“And dusty books lie on a shelf, saying ‘can a man condemn himself?’”