It is not evidence of climate change

It is not evidence of climate change, but something is happening to our weather. While a fairly cool summer afflicts Britain, apart from the odd sunny day or two, continental USA has been experiencing its hottest July ever recorded and the worse drought since 1953. This combination of heat and drought has dried out much of the farmland and crops have been far less successful than usual. Since the middle of June corn prices have risen by 62%, and this inevitably has a knock on effect on food prices in the world and on fuel prices in the world as much of US ethanol is made from corn.

Food prices are also going to be increased as a result of below average rainfall in the Indian monsoon ( 17% so far below its normal levels of rainfall) and exceptionally dry weather in Russia, which is affecting its wheat harvest. Mr Putin has banned all exports of wheat from Russia as crops perish in the worse heat wave since records began there 130 years ago. Expect your corn flakes and bread to cost more, and also your baked beans as bean crops, particularly soya bean crops, are also drought afflicted.

I shall not blame climate change, because a exceptional year of unusual weather is not evidence that the climate is changing rapidly, but there have been so many weather records broken this year in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

In West Africa’s Sahel region Oxfam estimates that the lives of thirteen million people are in peril as a result of the drought there.

If you want to escape the US drought do not go to Manila in the Philippines.  Rain that usually falls in a month fell in two days. About six hundred people are sheltering in emergency shelters as a result of floods and most reports estimate that two million souls are badly affected by the floods.

It is not, of course, evidence of climate change, but is is a cause for concern.

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  1. Are you kidding me??? This is not evidence of climate change? What exactly will it take before you believe in climate change? This year may be the worst to date, but this is just one more bad weather year in a series of bad years going back over a decade.

    • “Believers” tend to weight evidence according to their belief or conviction. It’s known that Judges are often afflicted and for sure religious people are ‘boxed in’ by their belief.

      Keeping an open mind is a sign of intellect and a strong logic.

    • Gary
      Just my attempt at irony.


  2. How far back in time does one have to travel to witness climate change, the 50’s, 30’s even as far back as the slow decline of the 450 years the Norse had to eventually abandone their settlement in Greenland.

    Thw Anasazi ans their once great civilisation had to move outas the conditions moved towards desertification as we see today in this region.

    Need this be yet another history lesson, I think so, so as to bring the evidence to the dinner at the inn.

    The weather is and has been the greatest debate in mans vocabulary since humans began feeling the benefits and losses due to her influences, the ancient ruling classes have the records and are expert at taking advantage of any given sotuation due to weather, which seems to coenside with global empires making their move for their own benefit, that is my theory, study this fact and you will see that it merges on many fronts and past hostile takeovers.

    Now lets touch on how the planets monoculture of centralised food production is being brought to the masses. Here is one of the most destructive models mankind could possibly instigate.

    Uaing valuble energy to bring grapes from Chile ans Austrailia instead of France and Germany, you have all heard this one before. Bringing shoes from China instead of your own town, ridiculous I know.

    There is an ellement which is destroying their own well being using a false wealth called greed in the moment which we all must come to recognise before we are to move to the next paradigm towards a just and worthy one.

    The climatechanges via our benefactor over the life of this planet, it is the ruling classes ans its followers that need to change otherwise these carbon units called mankind has little chance of longevity, and that is the truth ain’t it, again we all know what needs to be done to ease our way to a better future for everyone, not aminority taking the ease route and cutting off the hands that feed them.

    Feed the world with love for their immediate enviornmentans the rest will follow, the is no other leverage that can endure forever.

  3. A legal term and one I have used on several occasions now is an, Ex-Post- Facto- Justification, however, just in case there are those who are remotely interested, there is a good description on how to become a lawyer/barister/judge here.

    But first read this handy informative publication.

    If one has had the chance to dine with these people they would then have an idea of what is going on and what they might possibly become one day.

    I totally agree, keep an open mind, question everything, get rid of your Tv.

  4. As we dive down deeper into the ocean of science that is perported to be global warming, why do I get the distinct feeling those still wet behind the ears will emerge drier than anyone I know.

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