Reasons for British Success at the Olympics

The British are an odd nation. They can reach get heights of great achievement while at the same time plummeting to depths of poor performance. The ability to do both things at the same time speaks to their priorities, as we can see from the Olympic Games now being held in London. Taken on any standards the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team has done very well. It is third in the medal count, it has the third number of gold medals of any nation, including nations that are much larger and much more prosperous that it. There is a simple reason for this excellent performance: money.

It is not that Britain is blessed with better athletes and cyclists and sailors than any other nation, it is just that we lavish a large amount of money on all Olympic sports where we conceive that we have a sliver of a chance to win that fairy gold at the games. Our eyes well up with tears when a performer upon who much state money has been spent, climbs the podium and sings the national anthem having won an event. It makes us feel good. We can all have a good old cry together.

We choose to spend our taxes on these ephemera. A moment’s worth of good feeling seems to make it all worthwhile. Never mind that our banks are crooked, our large corporations morally challenged, our politicians more concerned with re election than the common good and our economy in dire straits. As long as we can celebrate lots of those magic medal moments all will be well, all will be well.

For some reason – it could be laziness or it could be a simple inability to understand priorities – we are incapable as a nation of getting any decent manufacturing going, of balancing our economy in a way that secures employment for all or staying out of other people’s wars. We have proved incapable of getting a balanced energy policy, stuttering from one false panacea to another as we do our bit in accelerating global warming. Yet we can win more than our share of medals at the games.

It seems simple; pour money into the athletes so that they can concentrate to the exclusion of all else their events, hire the best coaches from around the world, spend hours analysing the rules and then designing a better bike helmet or a better bit of kit that will give our performers a tiny advantage, and even adopt some person from outside these shores who has talent as a British performer. Certainly it is important to do what the old soviets did and try to identify talent in athletics when the child is very young, and take the child and train the child to perform for the glory of the nations.

We eschew the spending of money to develop our own prosperous manufacturing, to create a farming environment where we can produce most of our own food or to create an energy environment where we can be less dependent on others for fuel. We cut back on research and development in science even in hospitals and care for the elderly, but there is always enough money to build an Olympic Park and train and hone British performers for the next Olympic Games.

Enjoy the games while they last. And if you are looking for work or trying to develop a business or contribute to a better nation in terms that do not involve the games, then simply understand that these things are not as important as being able to boast the Olympic talent of the British and those short moments when “God Save the Queen” is played as the flag runs up the flagpole.

3 Responses

  1. You sound pretty down trodden today Robert, but don’t worry all will be well when the money changers return to the Tamon and open the debtlomatic doors to another false freedom.

    I can see the new religion aproaching and a MSmedia ever so willing to promote a cashless new paradigm.

    By the hour they are encouraging the cashless Sage paying system and cloud offices as a stepping stone to realise our bravest new world without the dirty money in our pockets.

    I might correct you on the pouring of money into an athletic reality, it is resorces and assets and food that give these individuals their edge, not money.

    If ever you read a book that has many subliminals of their day, to what is happening today, read no other than, “Man Stands Alone” by Huxley, in it you will realise that the ruling structure that was paying his wages between breakdowns, are still thinking fifty or more years into our future, what is en-route now was established upon debate many decades ago, today with ever growing and fast thinking tanks and tech, things could go either way for humanity.

    We could all be Olympiat’s with our minds if we could break the current distractions just long enough without a war or seremony to remind us of what feats men did that day, the glorification of death on a right and just Royal scale.

    As one has or holds about a quarter of the Uk hot water pannel market, you have something worth keeping going, but at what cost to the ex- post-facto Justification that AGW is an actual fact, without any facts outside the token system keeping everything alive in its name.

    The opportunity to cure lies in the entire sharing out the assetts of everyones physical labour, not trying to corner a greater level of that toil by false sciences on a good day.

  2. I’m no great Olympic supporter but I think you are unfair.

    By all means take a pop at the sponsors, government, media, hangers on etc but the athletes deserve what they have won.

    The “Lottery” grant for athletes has enabled them to become full time professional athletes. i.e they do athletics as a job. Surely this is no different to many other employees such as bankers, policemen, doctors etc.

    Yet in direct contrast to paying bankers a king’s ransome (only to be shafted by them), and paying for the largest social welfare programme in the world, paying athletes has actually brought results.

    So, no, money is not the reason why GB/UK (inc Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales) has won medals. We have excellent swimmers. rowers, divers, sailors, horsepeople, cyclists, judoists, boxers and tennis players.

    They just need to be given the ‘chance’ to achieve.

    Isn’t that what everyone wants?

    • After all Chris, your right again especially when it is the individual sports the shine through, it is the one doing the grafting themselves who deserve the prises.
      Theadvertising ellement of the bussinesses is where theslave labourists perks arrise after the population buys those wares.
      The athlete is themselves the rest is daylight robbery using the prole and the illusionary for the sales of their century being stuffed from every angle.
      The furtain is being closed on this empire and our troubles if we continue to follow the pipers of fortune will be very revealing in the very near future.

      Learning how to run might not be such a bad idea after all.

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