Time to disband the Nuclear Club

Apparently the biggest threat in the world is the fact that Iran might be acquiring nuclear weapons. It is a fact of life that those with something which gives them power can think of dozens of reasons as to why others should not be allowed to get that thing which gives power. There are also, it seems, dozens of reasons as to why those with the thing that gives power should not divest themselves of the thing which gives power.

In Israel as part of his USA domestic vote raising circuit, presidential candidate Mr Romney found common cause with Mr Netanyahu in agreeing that the biggest threat to world peace is t.he prospect of Iran getting a nuclear bomb, which is the same device that Israel and the United States have. Apparently this weapon of mass destruction is safe in the hands of chaps like Netanyahu and Romney, Putin and Cameron, Ollande, and the leaders for the time being of Pakistan, India and possibly North Korea, but not in the hands of Iran.

It is a logic that I do not follow, although the rationale is clear: keep your enemies weak by any means available to you.

Nuclear weapons are the genie that cannot go back into the bottle, when the bottle is opened. It is important to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. A good start will be for those in the nuclear club to put their weapons of mass destruction beyond reach.


2 Responses

  1. I think you’re missing the point.

    “the greatest danger to world peace” means just that it does not infer that countries which already have it are paragons. Clearly they are not.

    In my view the danger is that, for historic and idealogical reasons Iran’s ayatollahs want a type of power which can challenge the USA and hence Israel, which is, in some ways, is just a proxy enemy.

    Obviously, Iran cannot match USA for economic power or military power but if it does achieve a deliverable nuclear weapon it will be it’s single and only source of power. Unlike USA it will not have economic or military might to back up its threat. For that reason alone it might use a nuclear weapon first “Pour encourager les autres”.

    In my view that is the real danger. It might well wish to show that it’s not a paper tiger.

  2. The oil staining onpaper is that which conventional weapons need in order of being delivered on foot and air.
    Once Iran get their elecricity supply up and running the oil they hold would be the power package to have an advantage over the west who have little of the black stuff as a surplus.

    The shift towards a one world governing pharty needs Irans oil to finish off the MIS to get the job done.

    Also a country like Iran couldalso raise much of their energy from green technologies due to their positioning in climbs warm, here is another self sustaining chip to further the expence of oil to those who use it like its going out of fashion when they don’treally need to if they nationalised there main frame under nuclear power and double bred every last ounce of energy from the fuel instead of making bombs with it, turn the locked away energy in those bombs for good and we would be quids in, literally.

    The infrastructure to use and convert the ready enegy is already well established, the energy virtually free to capture.

    Oil gives the equivalent energy of a single barrel of oil equivalent to twelve adults who would have to work manually for a year to break even.

    Black gold has the hold of the imagination, once all of the reserves are banked, the victors would then moth ball it for rapid military use and run things using the alyrtnativesfoe static energy, keeping the liquid motion for violences.

    Some pattern have already come to light, lile our own mother load being conserved while we use other countries ready energies by force and theft.

    Am I the only one who thinks outside the little boxes that all look just the same from inside.

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