Slinging Stones in a Glass House

The government has been trying to persuade people to pay their tax. Of course as someone famously said in New York payment of tax is only for the little people. Little people usually means poorly paid folk on PAYE. They have no choice because they cannot re-arrange their affairs in a way to mitigate tax. Richer folk can and do re-arrange their affairs and many self employed people work for “cash in hand” thus avoiding tax and usually saving their customer value added tax.

One government minister (I had not heard his name before) says that it is morally wrong to pay people cash in hand. Perhaps it is. However it is also morally wrong for governments to spend money they raise from taxes on their own comfort and luxury (as we saw with the Members of Parliament’s expenses fiddle, not too long ago) or to waste hard earned taxes on foolish government schemes (such as the Olympic Opening Ceremony or remember that Millennium Done or those aircraft carriers without aircraft).

I guess that if the expenses scandal had not been outed, many MPs would still be fiddling today, while talking about the moral outrage they feel because a gardener or builder gest some “cash in hand” as opposed to fiddling an expense sheet. It is just slinging stones in a glass house.


2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, politicians do not have a monopoly in hypocrisy I would also class many followers and leaders of various religions as hypocrites.

    Also, what about the climate change circus. Windmills are promoted allegedly because they are free/green energy. This is nonsense. The real reason is subsidy/profit for the companies who erect and run them.

    What about trade unions. They threaten a strike in public services just when maximum disruption will achieve the unjustified pay rise.

    What about Doctors who went on strike to demand unwarranted taxpayer subsidy for their personal pensions despite the fact that they have signed the hypocratic oath. Do they really expect the poorly paid to contribute into their taxpayer funded luxury 30 year pension.

    What about the police service which chooses easy prosecutions to boost its detecting statistics by persecuting motorists with speed cameras, lane cameras, parking fines etc rather than pursue burglars.

    What about the chief of HMRC who, in the alcoholic fug of a well funded lunch, agreed that Vodafone and Morgan (do dah) could pay billions less in tax. Yet they doggedly pursue ebay traders who avoid only £hundreds of tax.

    Hypocrisy is second nature in most of the public services. Is it any wonder that we find Mr Gauwke and his admonitions simply laughable.

  2. The Good Society, Projected Piety:

    “The Good Society, What Does that Mean?
    Would We Be Good if Dirty Laundry was Seen?
    The Meaning Suggests We’re Well Modified,
    Obedient to Masters, Our Brains are Fried,
    Thoughts Implanted by Technical Science,
    In TV the Elite Place Much Reliance,
    Plus Education Prepares Our Minds
    To Accept Propaganda, The Darkest Kinds,
    We Play While Paying for Foreign Wars,
    And Accept Opinions on What They’re For,
    Believing Those Refugees Deserve the Slaughter,
    Must Be Bad, Not Like My Son or Daughter,
    Yet it’s So Unreal, Always Far Away,
    But the Slaughter will Come Home One Day”

    A poem by Alan Watt.

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