I’ll Never Forget Lord Whathisname

It is almost inevitable that when people think about the climate they think about the weather. I have been thinking a great deal about the climate recently, with the farce at Rio and all the other failed initiatives and grand plans pushed into small odd corners where they are ignored. Can anyone remember the grand climate change report written by Whatshisname who became Lord Whatshisname as a result of writing that report and whose report now hides in odd corners of Whitehall and takes up disc space on some servers which are never accessed?

No, the issue of climate change is put aside until more prosperous times return, and instead of climate change we spend our days talking about weather change. In England it seems that every month the weather breaks new records and different ones too. June has been very wet, and may well end up being the wettest June on record. In some parts of England yesterday the amount of rain fell in a single twenty four hour period as that which normally falls in a single month.

As a result of the heavier than normal rain flooding has disrupted lives in Cumbria and Devon and in Leeds and parts of West Yorkshire. The village of Croston in Lancashire was also flooded.

So we can talk about weather change instead of climate change and there is no doubt that the weather in England is becoming more intense and less stereotypical. I wonder why…

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  2. Again one fails to recognise facts that the rain makers are not donning feathered headresses and chanting at he skies, but releasing physical particles that adhere to the moisture in the air.

    I may be acused of seeding ones mind with such truvial.things like carbon taxes for an excuse to be allowed to pay for this visible smog in order to pay for it and feel better about things.

    Olympic days of old were kept fry bu such a technology as it creating one in a hunfred year downpours. But the populous is being led to believe that its the invisible gas in parts per million that is creating floods, freak dry spells, cooling on a smorgers board of tax lies.

    Physical pollution as particulates is the causative, like a pair of hands devoid of a mind to guide them to the facts, is like a mind without a soul.

    Will we ever wake up to the facts.

    Adrian Vance has tried in vaiin as many others without a main stream mother will also fail the data mining taking place like a digital George Orwell on Prozac.

    Only when one has nothing left to give from your labour towards carbon taxes will you realise the big lie.

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