Don’t bring me problems bring me solutions

The regular meeting of world leaders at summits has become more and more prevalent. They usually jet off to a beautiful place and talk to each other in luxurious surroundings. Perhaps the increasing frequency with which they meet is a good thing. “Jaw jaw is better than war war”. However it seems to me that if you summarise the discussions of any summit in a few words, it makes you wonder what the purpose of the meeting was.

“World leaders meeting at a G20 summit in Mexico have urged Europe to take all necessary measures to overcome the Eurozone debt crisis” was the headline of the latest summit in Los Cabos in México. It is a statement of the problem but does not help with the solution. What measures are necessary to overcome the Eurozone debt crisis? I am sure that every Eurozone nation and many outside the Eurozone would love to know.

2 Responses

  1. The debt crisis is due to a European socialist system having run out of other peoples’ money to spend.

    There is no answer other than to stop spending.

    Unfortunately, those in charge can’t or won’t.

  2. The all new IPV6 is now engaged and the digital online banking and free phones are now on offer and the monster of imaginary fiat will be the sollution to the debt crisis in Europe, for those that are unaware of what I am saying here, that is digital money folks, we are 95% into the new paradigm to date.

    But have no fear we and other countries will still be able to revert to whatever pimlico pound of their choice wants to be, but it will be a casheless society nontheless.

    Problem = wealth by debt.
    Reaction = remove life line and debt and create the downturn we frequent.
    Solution = Ignore any viable alternatives to help save money, raise prices on all that is carbon taxable, then grind down all opposition until the populous asks for the solution all by themselves.

    Things are just about to get started, when the games are over the electronic medals will be common place.

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