Selective injustice and selective hypocrisy

UK Government Ministers will not be travelling to the Ukraine to watch the European Nations football championship as a protest against the “selective injustice” there. It is said that an opposition leader is imprisoned as an act of revenge by the current leader. It may be true, for all I know. Many countries around the world commit selective injustice, but most nations that do commit selective injustice do not have the pleasure of UK Ministers avoiding their soils.

I could write volumes about the selective injustice committed in the world. It is not just the newly-freed nations of the former soviet bloc or tin pot African dictators whose injustice and justice are both selective. The United States (Guantanamo, the use of drones to kill civilians in places where there is no armed conflict) China, Israel, and even the United Kingdom from whence those Ministers would have come had they chose not to go to another place where selective injustices abound.

It is good to see that the selection process is not confined to injustice but also extends to hypocrisy.

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