New Circumstances Require New Laws

We all love our freedom and no one wants to be oppressed. You can be oppressed and subjugated by violence and force and threats but ultimately laws are passed which provide a framework of oppression and a legal methodology which is used to oppress, for with every oppression there is an equal and opposite reaction – the oppressor becmes free to do as he pleases.

However, we should always remember that if we make new laws for new circumstances the purpose is sometimes not to limit freedom but to increase freedom. The invention of the motor car meant that we required new laws to govern the new circumstances. We started with a warning of the car by a man walking infront of it with a rted flag, and then as cars gained in popularity the lack of laws to control them gave freedom to mtorists but at the expense of everyone else. Slowly and in the teeth of opposition, much opposition, we created laws to govern the safety of cars (Ralph Nader was opposed by those who cried freedom to his proposals) laws to govern their speed, laws to require seat belts so that the population at large would not have to pick up the medical and insurance bills for those who wanted to be free to drive without a seat belt, and so forth.

As things change so the change has two effects; one is for evil and one for good. We need to control the evil, because the good will take care of itself. the way to attempt to control evil is by laws. I do not like laws, I do not welcome new laws. I do not want my freedom to be restricted. I know that as circumstances change I get new freedom – with the invention of the motor car I gained freedom to travel which i had not had previously. But every freedom I enjoy must not limit the freedom of others and that is why I urge new laws to control new circumstances. I want above all to ensure that the freedom of one man is not met by an equal and opposite reaction which oppresses another man.

4 Responses

  1. I think the greatest current threat to our freedom is the Govermment’s plan to make internet providers collect records of emails, browser activity etc. It is not in current planned legislation but I bet it will be next year.

    As is so often the case the Government has had to dream up some ficticious benefit. The ‘public benefit’ will portrayed as prevention of terrrorism. But that’s rubbish. Terrorists will use proxy servers outside the jurisdiction, wi fi cafes etc. Their activity will not show up.

    NO, the real intention is to be able to spy on you and me.

    Why would Government want to spy?

    By knowing what Mr Joe Public does on the internet what could the Government gain?

    Here’s a few thoughts:
    1. It will be able to tax general internet activity because it would become easily recordable.

    2. It might tax specific internet activity e.g purchasing, on-line banking, emails, data transfer etc:
    What if the tax on emails was .01p per email = say £10M per day in the UK;
    What about an internet transaction tax at 1% say £10M per day. All collected via internet providers. So easy! So enriching! no messing with consumers. Like VAT the commercial organisations will pay for the cost of collecting the tax as well has then handing it over to the treasury. This might well be a warning not to rely too much on internate sales.

    3. It might make access to certain websites illegal.

    4. It could check on the TV access of non BBC licence payers.

    5. It could try to censor by checking, for example, on U tube and spamming/warning those accessing certain videos.

    These are just my first thoughts. But imagine how much money Governments could make

    Imagine how much Governments could censor. Just look at China.

    We’ve had 10 or so years of fantastic internet freedom but I think the Government’s Communications Bill will be the thin end of the wedge and cause at least a slow down in development.

    • This is already the case in Austrailia I think, thanks to Julia Godard.

  2. ( the oppressor becmes free to do as he pleases. ) becomes ! 😀

  3. This is all we need to know

    Time is running out.

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