Odd Things – I wonder why people fight

It is odd, isn’t it, how human beings are designed as thinking machine, not fighting machines.

They do not have the claws and jaws of the great cats, or the armour of crocodiles and alligators. In fact, they have no natural weapons built into their design and do not have much natural armour. They have no horns. They are not particularly fleet of foot compared with most animals and even their skin is not warm enough or strong enough to protect them from injuries and cold and extreme heat. Compared with most animals they are ill adapted for fighting but well adapted for thinking.

It is odd, then, that they devote so much of their brains to thinking about fighting. It seems an unnatural selection for a thinking being.

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  1. It has been a while since I have posted, been busy securing our futures here. The scenario about humans being thinking machines versus fighting machines is an interesting one to me being ex military.

    What has basically happened is today we are all paying for the violence of our ancestors.

    The is a very good explanation for why this happens in a publication/book called ” Peace Cycles War Cycles” well worth a read for what is and according to the reserch is coming around again, couple that with historical references and today’s technology and the next cyclical event driven by and large by money is due a tad earlier this next time.

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