Odd Things -wisdom and truth

The pursuit of truth is excellence, truth is the basis of excellence and truth requires sincerity which is the foundation of all communication. Like sincerity truth is simple. Wisdom is simple too, and that is why it is so hard to be wise. Truth and wisdom, like excellence are rare. Simplicity is rare.

Odd Things – Preaching

Preaching should be done for the converted, not for those that will never be converted. When I write about the environment I think it is most useful for those that think that the prevention of environmental degradation and rapid global warming is the most important It is preaching to the converted, but, although I be be thought arrogant, so the converted generally do not understand their own religion,  so environmentalists do not generally understand climate change.

Odd Things – Mercury

The use of mercury is prohibited in thermometers, of which a household may have one or two and change every ten years. The use of mercury is virtually compulsory in household light bulbs, of which every household has many and changes every year. Can someone explain?

Fire Testing of Genersys Panels

Solar panels on top of roofs get hot. Even PV solar panels that produce electricity get hot – in fact the hotter the sun the less electricity they produce. Solar water heating panels also get hot and that heat is useful. At Genersys we design solar thermal panels for water heating to get hot, but not too hot, and to be safe in all circumstances. Continue reading

Rule Britannia

“Britons never never never shall be slaves” is the refrain of the song. It is an odd song, full of jingoism and many of the wrong sentiments. I do not think that heaven has ever commanded Britain to rule anything anywhere or anyone. But Britain is an island and has ruled the waves for many reasons. the only reason of any moral validity has been to protect our freedom. Continue reading

Jack Straw and the thin end of a wedge

When Jack Straw was a much younger man he was thought to be a trouble maker by the establishment. A socialist from an Essex grammar school Mr Straw was elected as President of the National Union of Students in 1969, which was a year when students at many English Universities were protesting against interference with their freedom and civil liberties by the establishment. When at Manchester University the Vice Chancellor sought injunctions restraining some students from speaking on a debate about a proposal to occupy administration buildings, many students went on strike and occupied University buildings in defence of what they saw as unfair treatment and interference with their freedom of speech. Mr Straw encouraged us in this and spoke eloquently on freedom to us. Continue reading

Fracking earthquakes and fracking underground water supplies

In terms of emissions and particulates produced by actual burning natural gas is the least polluting of all fossil fuels by a good distance. However, when it comes to environmental protection we must consider the effects of everything that is done to extract the fossil fuel and use it, not just the last step in the energy chain. If we use oil taken from Canadian oil tar sands then the overall effect of its pollution is very high – probably higher than coal mined from open cast pits. When we look at using natural gas extracted from shale rock we must, before we decide on its environmental effect, look at the first steps in the production of the gas, not just the last step, when it burns in our condensing boiler. Continue reading