Odd Things – Events and Charity Sponsorship

Have you noticed how some people get to do quite fun things – skydiving, balloon flying, running and swimming and get other people to “sponsor” them? The sponsor agrees to pay so much money, and the money usually goes to charity. It is odd that we will give money to charity because someone has swum to Thames or run a marathon race or ridden a bicycle from John O Groats to Land’s End. The person who has had the fun of the swim or race (yes, it may be arduous but there is fun and pleasure in completing these events) also strangely gets the kudos of having “raised” so much money for charity.

Are we pretending, for example that so and so only swum the Thames or ran a marathon because it was a good way to persuade people to raise money? Does that mean that their friends and fans, of whom we ask donations, are not willing to give charitable donations unless they can see a marathon is being run, the Thames swum, or a long bike ride is happening? It is as though many people are steadfastly refusing to make a charitable donation until someone persuades them, not by explaining of the dire need of the charity’s beneficiaries but by doing something that will enable to doer to have the satisfaction of doing it.

It is also odd that celebrities compete for charity on quiz shows. I do not understand this, without taking a cynical stance.

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  1. I was thinking of doing a sponsored threesome with two Brazilians, would you sponsor me ?

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