Solar electricity panels reduce the value of your home but solar water heating improves the value of your home

The press seemed to have cottoned on to a fact that I first reported about solar panels that produce electricity. As I have previously explained these are often “given” away free. In reality they are not given away but remain firmly in the ownership of the company that persuaded the homeowner to have the PV panels installed. They are so much in that ownership that the home owner has to grant a twenty five year lease of the roof space on which the PV panels sit. In return the home owner gets free use of the daytime electricity that the panels produce (usually worth £150 per annum) but the owner of the panels gets the subsidy from the government for the next twenty five years usually worth at the outset £1500.

I have to stress that the PV panels are not free – they always belong to the company that persuaded a homeowner to have them installed. They are marketed as “free” solar panels but they are not free although some of the electricity they produce is free. Not much electricity is used in the day time by households; most produced by the panels is grid exported.

Home owners who have been persuaded to have “free” PV panels are now finding a growing body of opinion amongst mortgage lenders and estate agents and other professionals involved in house buying and selling that a large PV array on the roof not only looks ugly but when it has to stay there for the next 25 years, the house becomes less valuable and in some cases unsaleable.

It is important not to confuse PV with solar water heating panels. Solar thermal panels, like those produced by Genersys, my company, do not suffer from these disadvantages. They are not installed with 25 year leases being granted on the roof space, they do not attract huge subsidies paid to third parties – all the subsidies go to the home owner, they are much more aesthetically pleasing and can be roof integrated unlike PV, and they do not require the roof to be covered with panels – a discrete four square metres of roof will suffice for an excellent system.

All the advantages of the solar water heating system – free hot water and the subsidies – go to the homeowner, who has paid for the installation as opposed to most of the advantages going to someone who has persuaded a home owner to grant a 25 year lease of the roof. People with a solar water heating system on their roofs find that these increase the value of the home, rather than reduce it.

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