The Young Are Foolish; So Are the Old

I must be too old. I do not understand the reasoning behind sending a 21 year old student to prison for making offensive comments on Twitter, which comments were said to incite racial hatred. I do not know what all of the comments were; the British press and media have been too shy to report them.

The student appealed against the sentence but lost the appeal. The appeal judge said that the comments were posted about a black footballer when that footballer lay prostrate close to death on the football field.  There were eight offensive abusive postings which had a “racial” intent.

We were all foolish when we were young, including magistrates and judges. I know, some of my contemporaries have become judges and magistrates. Inciting racial hatred is a serious offense and assuming that the student did actually have such intent (the young are foolish) then I fail to see what sending the chap to prison achieved, especially for 56 days.

In the United Kingdom we send people to prison too readily and for trivial matters. We ought to be free to speak our minds and posting offensive or abusive comments should not be a crime. Inciting racial hatred is a crime that was created when it was relatively easy to incite racial hatred in Britain.

Things have changed; posting racial comments brings the poster of them into odium and contempt; if the comment does no damage but to hurt feelings then the poster of them should not go to prison.

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  1. It seems to me that we no longer have freedom of speech in this country, you can only air your personal opinion if it is in line with what the PC brigade say you can say, I think it was absolutely ridiculous that this young man was sent to prison for some comments he made on Twitter, I also think the whole thing about this footballer was blown out of all proportion by the media, people have heart attacks all the time, quite a few will die, but nothing is mentioned about this, if this footballer had had his cardiac arrest at home and not on the pitch I believe it would of hardly got a mention, but because it was in the public eye and the media responded to it, thats it “Biig New”, it seems this countries opinion is media lead, I have never heard of this footballer before, I doubt we will hear much of him once this has all died down, he is not a member of my family or a close friend, so I fail to see why the media should think I should be so concerned about him, he is no concern of mine.
    What I found most amusing about all this is the people on Twitter who thought this guys comments were so terrible, they then reposted what he said, are they themselves guilty of inciting racial hatred by spreading what this guy said, I fail to see the difference, if it was not for the mass re-posting of this guys comments by others on Twitter I for one would never been exposed to his opinion, as I am sure many others would never of seen his posts, so if the law seems to think this young man was inciting racial hatred, then maybe they should haul all those who spread his word on Twitter to prison as well.

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