Accidents will happen on oil and gas rigs, again

For the past few days theElginrig in theNorth Seahas been leaking methane. As a precaution “non essential” workers have left the rig. Methane clouds have been noted above the rig and gas concentrate six miles long has appeared as a sheen on the sea surface.

The rig is owned by Total, who have not yet been able to identify the source of the leak, and thus are unable as yet to stop it.

The gas is mainly methane but contains hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. The gas is highly flammable. As a precaution the electricity has been switched off at the rig. If you breathe it into your longs it will poison you and it has probably already poisoned some marine life.

The gas that is leaking is a greenhouse gas, which in the case of methane will not last as long in the atmosphere as other greenhouse gases, but its global warming quotient is virtually the highest of all green house gases.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change tells us that it monitoring the situation and assures us there is no risk of “significant” pollution to the environment. Oddly enough, I do not feel reassured.

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