Standing Up to your Equals

The European Union at its best has many qualities, but at its worst has all the traits of an Empire, an Empire of nations. “Being a nation means standing up to your equals. Being an Empire means kicking your inferiors.” We have the unedifying spectacle of some EU nations not standing up to their equals because they feel powerless and indebted. I can understand how poverty overcomes courage. At the same time we have the more unedifying spectacle of the European Union oppressing some of its member nations, in order to preserve the Union, which is as yet an imperfect one.
I do not know how this will end; I fear that Greece has been kicked into submission and has chosen the wrong path. Instead of submission its peoples would have been no worse off  if the Greek Government had the courage to stand up to the other EU member nations, who may be richer ad more powerful, but are, after all, nor more equal.

One Response

  1. What was once the economic union of like minded capitalists in the EEC has become a totalitarian regime called EU administered by Brussels on the orders of the Reichstag.

    Much as I love Germany some of its current politicicans were brought up as stalinists in the GDR, and it shows!

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