Some Good News Leaks from Fukushima

We associate Fukushima with a flooded broken nuclear power reactor, rather than good news, but good news has come from some research from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution whose vessel has been measuring sea and sea organism radioactivity in the ocean affected by the Fukushima event.

The research did show evidence of radioactivity in both the sea water and in the fish, plankton and other marine life, which was directly attributable to the leakages from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Now while the thousands of samples taken showed increases in the radioactivity (caesium-137 and caesium-134) of the water and organisms pre Fukushima (in some cases a thousand time greater) even the highest level of radioactivity was perfectly safe.

The bad news is that the researchers feel that the evidence shows that the radioactive leaks are still continuing and have not been stopped entirely. Very close to these leaks the sea life will not be fit to eat, and possibly that would apply to sea life at the coastal region close to Fukushima. That bad news, however, is well known.


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