The Vicious Circle

We are, in terms of improving the environment, in a vicious circle. In order to prevent rapid climate change we must use much less fossil fuel and burn much less. That is quite simple, and there are no catches there. However, in order to be able to afford to use less fossil fuel we must invest much more in renewable energy of all kinds. The way the economies of the world are structured at present makes fossil fuel energy much less expensive than renewables because those using fossil fuel energy do not pay the full cost of fossil fuel use. They do not pay for measures to counter rapid climate change or the health costs of fossil fuel burning. Therefore to stop burning fossil fuel we have to get the money to afford renewables we wish to grow our economies. One of the main consequences of growing our economies is that we burn more fossil fuel. The more we burn the greater the climate change problem becomes. We cannot prevent climate change by burning more fossil fuel or even burning it at the same levels that we are burning today. That is the vicious circle that has trapped the whole world.