The Quality of Solar Water heating Systems

Genersys’ head of engineering and installation is Chris Flaherty. Chris is an expert in Genersys thermal solar water heating systems and has experience in fitting and supervising systems all over the world, from Santiago in Chile to Amman in Jordan and from the Sahara Desert in Algeria to the very North of Scotland.

Chris provides advice on solar systems to Genersys users and has provided some feedback on a system he installed in Kent seven years ago. The system was connected to a hot water cylinder (not supplied by Genersys) when it was commissioned and the cylinder needed replacement. In doing so Chris was able to carry out a detailed examination of the system, which has had no service requirement in the past seven years and which has not been touched for that time, providing trouble free service for the householders.

He reports:-

1. The system pressure was perfect

2. The pump station worked perfectly

3. The pre insulated flex-pipe installed seven years ago was in perfect condition

4. The DC 11 controller was in perfect working order

5. The panels were looking pristine and working perfectly.

6. The glycol was in excellent condition.

When you install a solar water heating system it is important that each component is of excellent quality and designed to work as a whole. Rather like all mechanical systems you do not want your solar water heating system to break down or suffer from faults. This means that you have to specify high quality systems, the system has to be well designed and the installation of the system has to be right. It might sound obvious but there are consumers and specifiers who look to use cheap systems which will fail. As with many things, you get what you pay for and cheap is usually much more expensive in the long run.

The same principle applies to boilers; cheap may cost less money initially but by the time you have added the service costs and part replacement costs over a few years the cheap boiler would have provided troublesome performance and considerably more cost than a higher quality product.


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  2. Hi Robert, just wondering if you can help. Installers long since ceased trading, so I can’t ask them. My DC 11 controller may be misbehaving: I am getting a different read-out and no longer have the “AUTO” option. Running at 100% yesterday, water temp went up to 68 degrees C, but at 3 20 a.m. it is now 35 degrees C and 25 degrees C in the panel therefore I believe that the hot water has been moving back up into the panel during the night. The choices I have are: PS 100% only, BW ON / dTE15K / dTA 5K / Tma 7degrees C. I would be grateful
    if anyone can suggest how I might get the AUTO setting back? Many thanks, Fiona

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