Christmas is Over

Christmas is over and we are in the dull interregnum of low light and strange days between Christmas and the New Year holidays. The news is light as politicians take their holidays. Presumably when politicians work the news is heavy with their arguments and discussions and with their blunders, but for now the quiet period starts to wind up into a period of review and reflection on the year that has past.

It is not difficult to link the holidays of politicians with periods of quiet news; all that seems to be newsworthy is the funeral of a North Korean, some disasters and some illnesses and some murders. In the Arab world, where Christmas is not a festival, there are events in Syria, but for most of the rest of the world the quiet of the news is matched by the quiet of the weather in London. Christmas is over, and the lights and decorations remain up, a little forlorn. The feast has been eaten and the presents opened. The wrappings and remains of the feast will stay for a few more days, but Christmas is over for another year.

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