Goodbye, Blue Fin Tuna

While aircraft were bombing the forces of on Libya to support the insurrection fishing vessels took the opportunity created by the fog of war to plunder the protected species of fish in the Libyan S ea. It seems that some European Union vessels were involved and some are pointing fingers at vessels fromItaly,France,MaltaandSpain.

Libyan waters are where the magnificent but endangered blue fin tuna spawn. While the vessels that are supposed to monitor this fishing were safely berthed in France and Malta, out of the way of war, some fishing vessels took advantage of the war to fish the blue fin

All over the world fishermen (or I should say more accurately fishing corporations, are casting their nets deep and wide to reduce the species of fish in the sea, while others are caging them and feeding them with food and dyes to make their flesh appear how we expect it to appear when we buy it.

The greed of humanity cares little as to whether it overwhelms species that are rare or people less technologically advance (albeit more spiritually advanced). Might matters over right as we collude in this plundering.

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